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Know all about No. 2 Persons

(Born on 2nd, 11th, 20th and 29th of any month)

In these series, discussion had been made with reference to date of birth via NUMEROLOGY. Basic traits and other characteristics were discussed about No.2 persons.

Birth Number 2- Persons (born on 2, 11, 20 and 29th)
Natives born on 2nd, 11th, 20th and 29th of any month are under influence of birth number 2 which is governed by the Moon. This itself make them as intelligent, industrious, diplomatic, sociable, holding positions of authority and highest responsibility, receptive, perseverance and dexterous, interested in noble deeds and actions of charity. Success in education, philosophy, scientific investigations and research, new inventions etc. will improve their career. Natives are not quick decision makers and often waiver but are most successful in business as partners. Disfavored in speculative deals, as they are sentimental emotional and are of waiver ring mind.

Devotion to the Family:
2. Natives are devoted to their family and lucky in the business/ trade transactions in real estate. They are advised to respect sentiments of the elders and should not irritate family members. Regular exercise and relaxation with natural surroundings is recommended for them to ease their tensions. They always remain dynamic and benefic from journeys, both inland and overseas.

Higher Education:
3. This number shows development of higher educational literary skills, good at legal matters; venture remarkably in professions connected with medicine, writing poetry, navigation, dance, drama, arts, cinematography, film industry and occultism. Natives will have 20, 25 and 27 years as most eventful and significant years, in academic pursuits and competitive examinations. Start their career at the age of 23/ 24 years and secure a comfortable position in the society before 30 years.

Hard Labour:
4.  The wholesome loving nature of No. 2 with higher imaginative and intuitive power, at later period will prove good for society as philanthropists, philosophers, spiritualists and reformers. They have to strive to render higher goals, though they might be misled by temptation. They benefit from virtuous mothers, sisters and other learned ladies whose influence is marked on the native’s life pattern as well as their professional achievements. They achieve success in life after persistent struggle.

Have the Needed Adjustment:
5.  They believe in co- operation and not confrontation. They are particularly good in services, can be finest diplomats, dexterous as negotiators and arbitrators and peace makers. They will be precisely extraordinarily retentive in memory, making them good orators. They will have a flexible approach but may waiver in taking major policy decisions. They are fond of social gatherings and socialism with a refined taste. They like travel and tourism, sports and games. This number is ideally suitable for occultism including astrology. If associated with persons born with number 7 or 9 and may lead to phenomenal rise in spiritualism.

Fame & Fortune:
6. They like wide publicity but get contented with whatever achievements they get. They remain devoted, loyal through persistent efforts; possess magnetic personality and other qualities. They give more to organizations for which they work than the remunerations they accept. They do not harm even their enemies.
7. Pitfalls in their marital happiness do follow, combined with intermittent tensions and stomach disorders. They need to exercise great restraint and have to make adjustment in marital life; otherwise strains and tensions are inevitable. Domestic upsets are indicated when native on associated with number 5 in the form of name or spiritual numbers. Their 48th year will be quite fruitful. They should avoid nefarious activities in their 45th year. They should be cautious of stomach disorders during 20th, 23rd, 25th, 29th, 38th, 47th, 56th and 65th years.

Bright Future:
8. Natives hit the headlines several times in life, and help the society with their yearning for love, peace, amity, harmony, justice and fondness for fine arts   and fondness for fine arts and music. If number 6 be prominent in their vital numbers, they achieve good recognition in fine arts. With numbers 3 and 9 being prominent in their birth dates or other vital numbers, it will make them successful politicians, diplomats and philosophers and they will have fine intuitive powers. If the rhythm of numbers 1, 2, 3 & 7 is strong in their vital numbers, they hold key positions of authority and lead fruitful life and dominate in domestic life.

No.2 Ladies:
9. Ladies of this number would be very soft spoken, kind hearted and generous, devoted and sincere to their families. Young ladies must combine white, cream and golden colours in their colourful dresses, while men should use extensively light colours. Natives are particularly favored in business and public relations jobs due to their personal charm. They may look ineffective outwardly, but remain loyalistic in their pursuits. Persons governed by vibrations of number 2 are devoted to domestic life, as their personal attachment plays an important role in their life. They are easily moved up by unpleasant happenings, and work towards alleviation of suffering of others by their sacrificing nature, at the cost of their personal comforts. Love life is more on noble lines and they find excellent opportunities in this regards between the years 30 to 35, even though at times they are outrageous in nature. Important changes occur around the 36th of year age.

Stabilizing in Life: 
10. Natives enjoy long term stability in number 2 positions in big organizations, leading to greater recognition compared to those at Number 1 level. But when they rise to No.1, they face greater rivalry and jealousy. Their official careers in big enterprises are prone to this syndrome. If they join politics, they end as ministers, but may be targets of unfavorable circumstances leading to instability in this power game.

When No. 2 Rise at Top:
11.  Natives of Birth Number 2 particularly if they have association of 1 or 2 numbers in their date of birth, have chances of rising to the top. It is, however, doubtful whether they can remain at the top or not. Normally, the natives of this birth number can continue in No. 2 positions, for a long time normally 10 to 20 years but when they come to occupy No.1 position, they face difficulties, and are a victim of tragedies and foul play. Even their own kith and kin would show indifference towards them. In lower positions, on the professional front, they can safely overcome all speed- breakers and hurdles and lead to the grand victory, but if they yearn to occupy No. 1 position, they would face some uncertainties.

Concern of No. 2 Persons:
12. Children are also considerable and they would face some anxieties on the family front. On the health front, they would face some stomach upsets and tensions and are advised to wear pearl in silver. They may have windfall and legacies and would invariably gain through indirect dealings and commission/ broker agents. Natives associated with number 2 often make rapid strides and their ambitions in life are fulfilled if they have fixed determination. They would, however, be found to be hasty and rash in decision making. They will first act and then think.

Lucky Days and Colours:
13. Sunday and Monday are lucky days for them. White, green, cream and pink are their favourite colours. Advised to wear pearl or white sapphire to ease their tensions.

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