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Heart Line

We shall now take up the heart line. In Hindu Palmistry it is called ‘Ayu Rekh’ - as life depends upon the functioning of the heart. As long as the heart continues to function properly, life runs smoothly. In Western Palmistry, this line has been called heart line, as it is the heart which pumps blood through the body.

There is a divergence of opinion about the starting point of this line, as well as its ending point. According to eminent Palmists such as William G. Benham, Henry Frith, Comte De Saint German, Cheerio and Noel Joaquin, the heart line starts from the mount of Jupiter or near about, and goes towards the mount of Mercury. However, according to others like Katharine St. Hill, E. Rene and Myrah Lawrence, the heart line start from the mount of Mercury (house of emotions) and runs towards the mount of Saturn or Jupiter. Myrah Lawrence has very categorically stated in her book Hand Analysis that the heart line always originates under the Mercury finger although some palmists of the old school claim that it ends at this point. Through the stuffy of thousands of palms she has found that the version of the palmists of the old school that the heart line starts from the mount of Jupiter or at a place near it is not correct. According to her, since the heart line mainly governs the emotions, it is logical to conclude or believe that it originates from the house of emotions, the mount of Mercury.

As I have been able to make out from numerous palms, and the readers may also have observed, the heart line is thick at the percussion below the mount of Mercury and gradually goes on thinning at it proceeds onwards. Normally at the beginning, the lines are thick, and as they proceed onwards, their thickness gets reduced. On that basis it can be assumed that the heart line originates under the Mercury finger.
The heart line is an index of the state of the heart and the capacity for affection, emotions, friendship, generosity, faithfulness and loyalty. A long and strong heart line is more desirable than a short, weak one.

The placement of heart line on the palm must be considered. The heart line lying close to the fingers indicates a jealous and exacting nature. When the heart line is placed low down on the palm, leaving sufficient space between the fingers and the line, it bestows aspiration and high ideals. When the heart line and the head line are close to each other, leaving a narrow space in the quadrangle, the subject is narrow- minded or engrossed with his own affairs. Such a person does not prove a friend in need. He is prone to asthmatic problems. When there is sufficient space between the heart line and the head line, making the quadrangle wide, the person is broad- minded. He will not mind spending money or others, will take care of his relatives and friends, and thus prove his sincerity.

The destination of the heart line is as important as the beginning. Let us assume that the heart line start under the Mercury finger and proceeds towards Saturn or Jupiter fingers. When the heart line goes upto the mount of Jupiter, it indicates platonic love. The heart line ending under the mount of Saturn or at the point between the Saturn and the Sun finger indicates that the subject lacks faithfulness and restraint in sex.

The heart line reveals the tendencies and relationships of the subject. The line, to be classified as a good one, should be well- colored, narrow and strongly marked. It should not be broken or rayed. The appearance and continuity of the heart line are important factors. From the health point of view, the heart line indicates the circulation of the blood and the action of the heart. It also represents affections. If the heart line is deep, clear and narrow, the action of the heart may be normal and the affections may be strong and firm. A long and strong heart line indicates loyalty, sincerity and trust while a short heart line indicates the opposite that is, disloyalty, distrust and jealousy.

In certain palms the heart line may be missing. The absence of the heart line indicates selfishness and want of true sympathy, and the subject is keen to gain success even at the cost of others. Further, the absence of the line can lead the subject into hypocrisy, deceit, lack of courtesy and positive dishonesty. There is a belief that the absence of the heart line comes in the way of the subject reaching old age. The heart line should not descend to the head line, and nor the head line rise to the heart line. If the heart line dips down to the head line, the quadrangle will come narrow. It suggests subjection of reason to feeling and passion. The swinging down of the heart line towards the head line makes the subject serious, and his emotions will be ruled by the head. The heart line deflecting downward and cutting the head line indicates injury to the head, resulting in imbalance of mental faculties. If the head line and heart line join each other at any place, the subject will have an undemonstrative nature, but his affection will be lasting and friendship sincere. This will be amply manifested only in periods of distress.

Persons who have a straight heart line going across the palm are loyal to the extreme, the have blind loyalty towards anyone they like and idolize.

The marks and signs on the heart line are breaks, islands dots, bars, circles, chains, disturbances in the normal functioning of the heart as the passage of current through the line gets disconnected. The subject may have to encounter disturbances in emotions or great grief. Islands on the line are indicative of guilty intrigues. From the health point of view, islands indicate very defective action of the heart. Dots are also bad signs and indicate health defects. The bigger the dot, the more serious is the effect on the health of the subject.

If the heart line is chained, it indicates inconsistency in affections and imperfect action of the heart. A circle on the line indicates weakness of the heart. If the circle happens to be on the line under the mount of the Sun, the subject suffers from troubles of eyesight. A number of bars cutting the heart line intimate disappointments in love and trouble of the heart.

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