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Search Your Inner Soul Via Meditation

Meditation cannot be a thruster upon you though it may be suggested to you by the persons you consult including astrologers. Meditation is something which has to come from your ‘inner self’ and a thing to be thought about you. Earlier we have talked about meditation in general and also about meditation astrologically. Meditation cannot be separated from religions matters, occult sciences including astrology. All religions have a place for meditation. Transcendental Meditation, a traditional method of meditation, even now in is vogue, Mantra had to be given or assigned by the Guru (Teacher). Some of the religious preachers are even today known for giving ‘Mantra’ etc. to their disciples.

2. It is pleasant to note that some of the News papers (Media) have started giving some place to the concept of Meditation. The Hindustan Times is one to give a write up on every Monday (the day of Lord Shiva) a small column on ‘MEDITATION’. It is stated in that Mahatma  Gandhi ji had met late Paramacharya of Kanchi, Chndrashakarandras Saraswati on 15th October, 1927 and even at that time it was stated by the sage that ‘now a days politicians intervene in religious, social affairs and try to turn them upside down. This will be dangerous to our society and make our religion weak. Practically, things have come true, The moral and character of nation has collapsed for various reasons (which need not be elaborated here) and it is only MEDITATION which can save the country and its people from the future decay.  

3. It has been noticed that some people automatically get attracted (inner voice) for the recitation of a Mantra from any of the inspirational book. For a devotee, no time can be fixed for meditation or recitation of a Mantra though earlier Brahamuhurtha (4.00 A.M) was indicated to be auspicious time. It is now started that for meditation or recitation of Mantra ‘Sandhya Time’ (Time just near Sun- set) is also considered good and can be selected for the purpose of searching inner soul. Further, the time (just before going to bed) can also be selected. Actually, many things are wrought by prayer- Morning Prayer would help the day to pass peacefully and night prayer would help to pass the night peacefully.

4. The Moon has a major role to play in various facets of life including meditation. Selection of an inspirational word or a Mantra beginning to resemble with the native and in meditation the message of the mantra (word) gets imprinted on the mind. Nothing in Today’s culture would prepare the people to do meditation but still few persons are coming forward to do the job. Media i.e. News- papers and Television can do a lot. Recently, there had been spate of serials on religious matters say- ‘Om Nama Shivai’,  Jai Hanuman, ‘Shiv Mahapurana’ etc. Such things are better and the present generation can learn many things about them and also tempted to do meditation. Astrologically, such serials and more works on old matters were bound to be done in 1997 because of exchange of Saturn and Jupiter in their respective signs i.e. Saturn in Pisces and Jupiter in Capricorn.

5. Reverting back to the time of Meditation, it is further stated that ‘Sandhi’ (Junction of time) i.e. at Sunrise and Sun- set are also considered good i.e. this time has special, mysterious, spiritual force and even a wonderful magnetic power.

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