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Mystical Vibration of Numbers

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

1) In numerology, different names have been given to Numbers though a common man understands the basic numbers from 1 to 9. The science of numerology (if it is right to call it a science – that topic not under discussion) is traditionally based on digits 1 to 9 and the value of ZERO may not make any difference. Further, in Numerology, each English alphabet has been given a numerical value. For convenience of all of  our readers we shall continues giving value attributed to each alphabet:

Birth Number is represented by your simple date of birth i.e. any date from 1st to 31st. suppose, one is born on 17th, the birth Number is 8, and if born on 11th, the birth no. is 2 and so on.

Spiritual Number consists of all numbers constituting date of birth, month of birth and year of birth India's Birth sate is 15.08.1947 and if this is totaled it would give 35 and in turn 35 would give number. Various experts have given different names to this spiritual number i.e. Personality Number, cycle of life number, destiny number and so on. Be that as it may, distinguished from the astrology and palmistry, Numerology is a simple method of knowing an individual from his birth date alone. Though many person are born on the same date, their birth number (spiritual number), name number would make the difference about the personal characteristics, married life and professional life including for health and wealth.

Name Number need to be obtained from the addition of value of each alphabet. This number is arrived at by the sum total of all the letters in the original full name. Each part of name is to be added and reduced to a single digit i.e. upto 9 or may have even double number upto 31/30/28.

Name number so arrived at above is also named by some numerologists as Ambitious or Soul Number, Personality or Appearance Number, Destiny or Expression Number.

Year Number is obtained by adding the total of digits in the year i.e. for 1998. The total is 27 which in turn give Number 9-consifered to be powerful. Those interested in prediction for the year 1999 for individuals, countries, organizations etc. Number 9 must also be taken into consideration to arrive at the final figure 1999=28=1.

It has been seen that birth and spiritual numbers represent portraits of personality and character, show influence of matters with regard to path of life, gives an insight into out faults and various numbers, birth number, name numbers may help in giving a fair reading of the native. For example, a person born on 6th June, 1968 will give spiritual number as 6 and if number by name also becomes 6, the house in whish he lives is also signification of 6, the native may have high authority and all comforts of life though the number gets modified with the passage of time. At times it becomes inevitable to drop or add an alphabet in the name to ensure proper harmony with birth spiritual number. Such harmonious number is bound to give clear indication for smooth and comfortable life.

In the absence of harmonious numbers, difficulties are bound to come and will have to be encountered by the native specially with regard to changes in residence, profession, married life (number to be matched). Experience has shown that a change in names/houses etc. has proves harmonious.

Shanker Adawal
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