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Nakshtra Based Predictions

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

With the planets, sings and houses of a horoscope, Nakshtras (Asterisms) have a role to play-rather an important role to play in the matter of predictions. As is well known, there are 27 Nakshtra apart from Abhijit Nakshtra. All these Nakshtras have different story to tell about the individual and also have an important role in Mundane astrology including for rainfall, earthquakes etc.

Much had seen written on astrology and its principles, still there is much scope for research in certain principles with reference to modern times. My first attempt was to write a separate look on each Nakshtra and I could do only in respect of one Nakshtra i.e. Aswini. Accordingly, all rising sings and other planets rising within the longitude of 13.20 degrees in Aswini would have to be interpreted with the involvement of other planets and their Nakshtras apart form the placement of respective planets, their aspect and conjunction.

Aswini, the first Nakshtra is ruled by Ketu and is in the sign of Mars. It is interesting to note that the Sun, centre of the solar system, gets exalted in Aswini. The deep exaltation degree of the Sun in 10 degrees. The Sun in exaltation gives different versions i.e. when in exact exaltation point, when in exaltation sign, when proceeding towards exaltation and going away from exaltation point or sign. All these positions of the Sun give different results to the native.

Different results have been given by various authors i.e. Sarvarthachintmani, Prasara Hora Sastra, Brihat Jataka and so many others. Most of modern authors have also attempted their interpretation from Nakshtra point of view.

I would briefly refer to the result of the Sun in exaltation etc. the Sun occupying the highest degree of exaltation gives wealth, son, frame, courage, honor from the king (Government) and other comforts of life. For Cancer Lagna persons, if the Sun happens to be Aries (Megha) in the 10th house and if it happen to be in exaltation point of degrees must give the native highest position even of king, President, Prime Minister, the most recent day figure and known authoritative person was the learned and repected Shri T.N. Seshan who has the Sun in Aries and that too in Lagna. The Sun in Aries (Aswini) is capable of giving all comforts of life, traveling, high Government service. When the Sun is traveling towards the sign of exaltation i.e. from Pisces to Aries even the native gets comforts of life, son, wife, conveyances etc. but of lesser magnitude than the Sun in Arise. But the Sun traveling from sign of exaltation towards the next sign i.e. from Aries to Taurus can become responsible for destruction including wrath of the government. However, all these would depend on other planetary position of the horoscope.

The Sun is debilitated in Libra at 10 degree i.e. in the Nakshtra of Swati ruled by Rahu. Here the interpretation would depend on the involvement of Venus, ruled of Libra (Planet for comforts and luxurious items), Nakshtra of Rahu a malefic and separative planet. Therefore this position of the Sun may bring all sorts of problems from the native but it may not be necessarily so in view of other good or bad position of the horoscope . but, keeping the role of Swati into consideration, the native can be a drug addict or a drug seller but depending on the position of Jupiter and Mercury, the native can be a highly intelligent and educated person. Body-wise, there can be eye-trouble specially for Scorpio Lagna as the debilitate Sun comes in Libra in 12th house. It has been seen that such natives turn-out be gold-smith (jewellers), travelers and drug seller.

The Sun in Aries (13-20 to 26.40 degrees) in the Nakshtra of Bharni, depending on the conjunction/ aspect of other planets can make the native a learned in astrology, take to medicine, law or journalism, happy married life though the Sun's position in 1st quarter or Bharni is not good as the native may even lose the acquired wealth. And the Sun in Karitika I in Aries may give the native employment in military or police.

Shanker Adawal
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