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Mercury in the Fifth House- Result

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

For Mercury in 5th house, examples and combinations can be multiplied. However, for the purpose of present writ-up the following example would suffice.

Example 1- for Conjunction. Ascendant- Gemini; Mercury, Saturn and the Sun in the 5th.

Example 2- Conjunction – Ascendant – Aries, Mars, Mercury and Rahu in Leo.

Example 3- Conjunction; Leo ascendant, with Mercury, Ketu and Saturn in Sagittarius.

Example 4- Hemmed between others: Ascendant- Ascendant – Virgo, Mars in Libra, Mercury in Virgo and Rahu in Libra

At the outset it is to be stated that the effects, strength and characteristics of Mercury in the 5th house would differ from person to person. Without entering into the details of various dispositions of the planet Mercury, it would suffice to say that the planet Mercury is often mentioned as Vishnu. Therefore, Mercury in itself, represent a charitable disposition and the native with Mercurial force is always prepared to help the oppressed needy.

At the same time Mercury is considered to be a eunuch – as impotent planet – in astrology and the combined effect of Saturn/Mercury and other malefic in the 5th house cannot be ignored.

In general, placement of Mercury in the 5th house without malefic, their conjunction or aspect, indicates that the native is a learned and happy and would have number of children. Being highly intelligent and learned in mathematics, the person may become an adviser and depending on other combinations in the birth chart even a Minister. Such a person may also be heavily inclines in sex mattes and consequently may lose vitality and invite troubles. Further, such a native is a good and well behaved person, has many friends and is prolific in the science of Mantras.

According to Parasara Hora Sastra, it the 5th house is owned by Saturn or Mercury and occupied or aspected by Saturn and Mandi, one will have adopted issues. Mandi means guilka. However, we lack the basic information regarding Mandi in the book on astrology. This apart i.e. Saturn in the 5th house is capable of children.

From other astrological rules, it is seen that if Mercury and Saturn have major influence on the child to be born, it may be impotent (this need to be tested). If the 5th house falls in a sign of Mercury or Saturn and its lord combines with Saturn, the person will have an adopted son (child).

While matching a horoscope, the 7th house is seen with reference to others including 5th though not directly on the point (of progeny). It would suffice to say that afflicted Mercury and Venus in the 7th house make the native inclined towards secret pleasures.

Mercury and Saturn are both eunuchs. The effect of their conjunction in the 5th house can well be considered with reference to secretive organs if not to impotency. Further, if the 5th house and Mercury are afflicted by mars, the parents of the native or his spouse may meet early death.

As indicated briefly above, Mercury as such is for skin, breathing canal, intelligence, brain, intestines, education, writing, accountancy etc. therefore, Mercury conject or hemmed between or aspected by malefic will have to be interpreted accordingly. At the same time it is well known that a planet is rendered weak when is in an enemy's sign. So, if a plant gets conjoined with two malefic he becomes extremely weak. Conjunction or aspect by a planet inimical to him must look at for determining the strength of a planets.

Apart from other matters indicated above, Mercury is considered a signification for charity, benevolence, social and public service and is a religious planet. But Mercury under the malefic influence of Sun, Saturn and conjunction or aspect of Rahu/Ketu indicate separative influence on the 7th house at times. However, Sun, though considered malefic, then combines with Mercury, gives rise to Budha Aditya yoga making the intelligent, skilful in all works, having good reputation and enjoying all comforts with happiness.

On this issue there is a difference of opinion in view of the general rule that any plaent in association with the Sun becomes combust or Astha and looses its power to do good. Therefore, the goodness should not be taken for granted under this yoga. Mercury should not be within 1 degree of the Sun to give rise to Budha Aditya Yoga.

Mercury is closest to the Sun and is a fast moving planet in the solar system. It is a fundamental rule in respect of planet Mercury that it acts as a benefic when conjoined with or aspected by benefices but where it is conjoined or aspected by a malefic, it becomes a malefic, in any way connected with evil planets. Therefore, the transiting Mercury having influence of natural malefic (Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu) will give similar results as if being in the natal chart. Transiting Mercury, if afflicted, makes the native to detract from study/work, quarrel with wife and children, loss of position and money. Inviting dishonor with wicked acts, purposeless undertakings and loss in speculation etc.

Matters like having children or no children, having more or less children and having children late in life etc. are to be seen from the 5th house. But in view of limited space for discussion. It would be desirable to confine only to the conjunction of or hemmed position and aspects relating to Mercury.

According to Mantresvara's Phala Deepika. Mercury in Cancer along in the 5th house given few sons. Further, Mercury and Venus in the 7th, Jupiter in the 5th and malefic in the 4th house is one of the four combinations for extinction of the family. Mantreswara has also opined that in the case of Mercury, the issueless ness will be due to crimes on youngster or to the killings of spawns (eggs of fishes or similar creatures) or the displeasure or lord Vishnu.

Exalted/debilitated or Moolatrikona Mercury in the 5th house may make some difference in the combination and in reducing the malefic effect. Mercury with Saturn, depending on the horoscope in totality, can make the native an atheist and a regular hypocrite.

5th house Mercury indicate physical trouble to the mother of the native when he attains the age of 29 years. Depending on other combinations, Mercury in 5th house also indicated few issues, a poor eater, of ordinary wealth, being quarrelsome, and objectless traveling.

Now, talking of the actual horoscope indicated above, Sun and Ketu are with Mercury (R) in the 5th house. The question arises whether the native can reap the qualities of Mercury which promises number of children and sex pleasure thought with reference to Sun, this combination deprives the person of children and happiness. His/her life may be shortened. Both Sun and Ketu also indicate loss of children. While examining the 7th house of the above horoscope, it was found that the native was divorced and had two children from her earlier husband. The children might have been because of the Mercury (R).

To sum up, after Moon, Mercury becomes the next planet in a horoscope for the analysis and examination as the Mercury is ruler of nerves and nervous system. Harmonious relationship with two planets (Moon and Mercury) becomes a great asset in the horoscope. I shall be obliged to have views from other thinkers on astrology with regard to Mercury in the 5th house conject, hemmed between and aspected by malefic. Suggestions, if any, shall enrich my intellectual capital-to serve the science of astrology better.

Shanker Adawal
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