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We can find dreaded diseases in Horoscope thru Naadi-Astrology!

We can see many dreaded diseases in this current world which needs to be studied with reference to planetary forces. At the outset it can be mentioned that all diseases are outcome of planetary forces, it may be heart diseases, mental problem, all problems relating to sex including aids. It is known to all that Astrology is an ancient science but the well-laid down principles by sages need to be interpreted with reference to modern times.

Horoscope of the native (Birth chart) is a very potential instrument for the diagnosis of any diseases and also for taking preventive measures well in time. I do not mean that the medical men should have no role to play or stethoscope should be discarded but it is seen that at times birth chart becomes more potential specially in diagnosing a disease where medical science had failed. Further divisions of the birth chart into various Vargas-Navamsa, Dreshkona, Dwadamsa etc. help and serve the finer instruments for the astrologer.

Astrology is practiced all over the world in one form or the other. Some of the persons opine that doctors and scientists in the west have also started giving serious through to this science of planets. Without entering into claim for the Astrology to be a science, it is stated that all events from ‘womb’ to ‘tomb’ can be traced, predicted and applied astrologically. We have seen cases where a man is declared fit by medical men but after some time he dies suddenly of heart failure, why? The answer is Fate, here comes the role of the Divine Science Astrology. Similarly, other diseases can be diagnosed and persons can be warned to be careful. This applied to AIDS also.

In Astrology, Venus is the significant planet of love-affairs and marriages. Mars gives the necessary force to proceed further. Other planets getting into picture for Aids are Moon, Mercury and also Jupiter to some extent. For a native, the 7th house of horoscope and its Lord, if affected (without much power) as well as the 2nd/4th and 12th house of horoscopes and their Lords can cause ‘AIDS’. The moon, inter-alia, governs uterus, ovaries and its ligaments, glands, external genitalia. At the same time the Moon is ‘mind’ and ‘emotions’ and any affection of the Moon in the birth chart can give disturbances including AIDS when coupled with Mars.

Mars, the lord of blood and breakage as well as of energy paves the way for AIDS. This would depend on the placement of the planets in the horoscope i.e. sign in which planets are placed, the house of the horoscope occupied, the Nakshtra in which planets were placed at the time of birth. Without elaborating more principles, it can be certainly said that an examination of the Moon, Mars, Rahu and Ketu would tell a log about the sex life as the Moon controls emotions and in the case of women it is one of the big significations for menstrual cycle. You cannot think of a healthy woman without normal menstrual cycle. I am not a doctor, hence the need and request to have feedback from the doctors.

After examining the sex habits of the native from the horoscope, indications can be given about the impotency, frigidity, disease, operations, sex disease, diseases of testicles, weakness in sexual organs etc. Actually, it is the sensuous nature of the native which has a say in the matter especially on AIDS. Some persons are known to be sexy irrespective of the other party coming into their content. Depending on the particular Nakshtras and planets, such persons have been termed ‘Electrically charged Dynomos’ i.e. ready to have sex and aids. Hence, they can be advised astrologically.

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