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Horoscopes declination principles!

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Major Planets – Saturn, Jupiter and Mars, when retrograde, at birth or in transit, have appreciable effects on the life and fortune of the individuals and nations specially when such planets pass over the natal planets.

Saturn normally retrogrades for a maximum period of 130 days. It remains stationary for about 5 days before and after retrogradation.

There is difference of opinion among the astrologers about the effects of stationary planets. The event may happen either before or after the exact time of the stationary position. The other view is that stationary planets. However, one view expressed by the learned is that when a transiting planet is stationary over the natal planet or over the sensitive point, the effects are remarkable and very staking. The event may happen either before or after the exact time of the stationary position. The other view it that stationary planets have no force.

The following questions are posted for your consideration and denote whether they hold good.

Whether a planet when stationary and just changing direction radiates more energy on the earth.

Whether stationary and retrograde planets are more powerful in their effects as compared to the direct motion of such planets.

Whether potency of retrograde planets is of high order when it turns direct in its motion.

The Sun and the moon are never retrograde.

Jupiter remains in retrograde motion for the period of about 120 days. Jupiter gets to retrograde motion in its sign Pisces. Normally Jupiter remains stationary for about 5 days.

Retrograding period for Mars is about 80 days. The Retrograding of a benefic planet, if transiting a favorable house, would bring good results and if transiting a malefic house, bad results/with less intensity shall come to survey face. For Aries Lagna Jupiter would be transiting 12th house and for Libra Lagna Jupiter shall be transiting 6th house for Leo Lagna, Jupiter would be transiting 8th house.

The Retrograding period of Venus is just about 2 days and it remains stationary for about two days. Practically for full 42 day, Venus would be retrograde. She remains stationery only for one day on 31st July 1999 if it can be said so.

Mercury remains retrograde for a period of about 24 days and is stationary just for one day.

Strong planet benefic to the horoscope shall produce favorable results. In the case of malefic planets, good results may be feeble.

A planet expected to give results doesn't do so if he is aspected by or conjoined with a malefic during the transit.

Whenever the lords of the Ascendant (Lagna) and the 6th house (house of enemies) conjoin in a sign, the enemy of the native shall be subdued specially when the lord of 6th house is weaker than the Lagna Lord.

Enemy shall not be subdued if the 6th Lord is stronger than the Lagna Lords. For example, for a Gemini Lagna native is likely to face adverse enemity during the transit of Mars and Mercury conjoined in Capricorn (Mars exalts in Capricorn).

Success of the native is indicated with reference to significations of the house when the Lagna Lord meets the lord of the concerned house.

Jupiter in transit from the sign/house concerned (including of Navamsha) to 5th/9th there from can give good results. Further good effects are indicated when the benefic Jupiter touches the exact point of longitude of Lagna Lord or the house concerned.

Sufferings cannot be ruled out when a house is transited by the lord of 8th house. Accidents can be predicted with the placement of Rahu/Mars/Saturn in 8th house.

The Sun and Mars give their effects when they enter a sign and their influence is more prominent in the initial 10 degrees of the sign during their transit.

The Jupiter and Venus bestow their full effects from 11 degrees to 20 degrees of the sing during their transit.

The Moon and Saturn give full effects from

Degrees to 30 degrees during their transit.

The Mercury and Rahu/Ketu give uniformity good or evil effects throughout the sign i.e. form 0 degrees to 30 degrees depending on the force of planets.

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