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Jupiter transit impact on Native!

Transit of Jupiter is very important in timing of events. It stays for 1 year in one sign and takes 12 years to complete one round. In 3 round it completes 36 years. Jupiter even gives the results connected with employment which normally is the responsibility of Saturn. Thus Jupiter is also given importance in matter of livelihood during its transit despite the fact that usually the question of livelihood is considered from Saturn movement in most cases. In conclusion it means that both Jupiter and Saturn during their transit can indicate the matters connected with livelihood. This is because though the work is the result of Saturn the enjoyment is ascribed to Jupiter who represents the soul.

One can thus safely say that every activity of life which the soul enjoys (good or bad) can be deciphered by the transit of Jupiter but the same can be supplemented by the karka representing that activity of livelihood (Saturn) Venus (marriage etc).

1st round of Jupiter Transit

The 1st round of Jupiter is for 12 years and in the 1st round of transit it appears that Jupiter activate the Karakatwas planets normally irrespective of sign placements. During the transit the retrograde planet (in natal) are considered to be in previous sign of the natal chart. In the 1st transit it further appears that no influence of any aspects or other aspects considered. Thus based on the theory we shall see the result of transit over 12 years.

When Aries in 1st round of 12 years enter Aries where it get aspect of retrograde Mars in Aries.

Native will suffer from wounds and swellings on account of bad blood (Mars is karka of wounds and swellings and blood. Pisces is also a watery sign. Mars is a fiery planet in fiery sign and so that may be the cause of these but Mars by itself is a main karka of wounds, swellings and blood).

As Jupiter enters in Aries which would mean 3 years of age.

Mars in Aries is only giving the results of natural Karakatwas of wounds and swellings due to bad blood. Normally Jupiter excitation of retrograde planet will not give good result as in this case.

There is no planet to be excited in Taurus.

As Jupiter transit in Gemini where Rahu is situated.

Here Rahu is exalted which is karka for windy troubles. Gemini by this way is also a windy sign. As Rahu is retrograde, some trouble is expected. Thus Jupiter transit over Rahu will make the child suffer from windy troubles in his 6th year. The native gets well from all these troubles as Rahu is exalted in Gemini and next sign is Cancer the sign of exaltation of Jupiter besides the lord of sign Gemini Mercury is well placed and strong.

No planet in Cancer and Leo and so only the effect of transit with no major events.

As Jupiter transit Virgo owned by Mercury and Libra owned by Venus and both having exchange of places the native will escape drowning. All this happens at about 9th and 10th years.

Jupiter when transit Virgo (karka of well) with debilitated Venus (watery plane) and so there will be drowning (Venus is debilitated). The transit of Jupiter over Venus (watery planet) in debilitation had not been good and is mainly the cause of drowning. Next is transit over Libra where Mercury is placed which is definitely not good as its lord Venus is placed in the 12th sign. So this transit over Virgo owned by Mercury and Libra owned by Venus is not good as such but due to exchange Mercury subtle effects in Virgo the sign of exaltation and Venus gets its own sign Libra. Thus due to exchange both Venus and Mercury become strong and life is saved. It is due to exchange that the native is saved from drowning. Here also only Karakatwas of planets and effect of sign had been considered and not even effect of conjoining planets like Sun enemy with Venus and Saturn friend with Mercury. Karakatwas of planets and nature of sign only play the role.

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