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Father of the Nation - Mahatma Gandhi

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

Horoscope of the Month - Astrological Tributes

This horoscope of the learned and respected father of the nation Shri Mohan Das Karam Chand Gandhi is included in this Isue of the journal as the birthday of the native falls in this month. Further, being astrological student, the horoscope serves as precedent with regard to many yoga present in tne horoscope and how Saturn and other planets played their role in making the native to earn name and fame after lot of struggles and hindrances. Accordingly, persons interested in astrological studies can make use of the combinations present in the horoscope and they can accordingly use the same combinations with references to the horoscope of other leaders.

Mahatma Gandhi, Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi D.O.B. 2.10.1869.

saturn is the planet for masses and is also called a Democrate planet. For all leaders to come up and have the support of masses, blessings of Lord Saturn are considered important.

Now we have a look at the horoscope of the father of Nation who was born in Libra lagna but with Mars,Mercury and Venus in lagna hemmed by Saturn and the sun.Yhe Jupiter, a natural benefic but is considered inauspicious for Libra Lagna persons though in each horoscope the position of Jupiter make the difference. In this case Jupiter was in 10th form the moon. Jupiter-a planet of wisdom and religion was considerably responsible for giving spirituality and self-serching of soul. Rhu and sun don’t give mental peace though Mercury in the Lagna gives keenness of mind. It is known that the Moon is controller of Mind-rateher it would be apt to say that the moon for all is the controller of mind.further, it is stated that presence of Saturn or his aspect on 10th house either from lagna or from the Moon has great bearing on the influence wields amongst the followers.The natives contributions in the fields of politics, religion matters,social as well as literary field, an well known. Be that as it may, the important virutes were ‘truth’ and ‘Ahinsha.with regard to non-violence. Mahatma’s definition is quoted “as the hardest heart melt before the sufficiency of the heat of ahinsha”.

I am tempted toprefer to the following VIPs who were born with Libra lagna as per published horoscopes:

I) Augustus Caesar-DOB- 23rd sep. 63B.C.

II) shri chaitanya-DOB- 18th Feb. 1486

III) Akbar-the Great- DOB- 24th Nov. 1542

IV) Hyder Ali - DOB 8th Dec. 1772

IV) Atal Behari Vajpyee-DOB 25th Dec 1924

Techings and preachings of all Saints/Leaders and other Intellectus are accepted by all the teachings are followed in day-to-day life,the humanity at large may become free on account of unwanted tensions and worries. Even till today, the name of the native continues to shine and fame even after death.

Most of the diginiteries from all over the world continue visiting his abode Rajghat

And pay respects-apparently to have some solace and follow the principles preached and advocated by Mahatma Gandhi. Genaeral Parvez Musharraf- the Prsident of Pakistan also Visited Raj Ghat-when he came to India.

Shanker Adawal


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