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A Unique and Rare Conjunction of Saturn and Ketu

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

1. It may be recalled that Saturn entered Leo on 16th July,2007 and ketu was already there in Leo. In the course of transit, many planets joined Saturn in Leo but this article is devoted to omly results of Saturn-Ketu conjunction. Saturn on its entry in Leo was at 00.00 degree whereas ketu was 13.46 degrees – it just crssed transit of megha-its own Nakshtra.

2. It may be metioned that Saturn and Ketu (Ketu was already in Leo when Saturn entered Leo) will continue in Leo when Ketu gets to cancer but Saturn will continue in Leo(including Retrograde motion) upto 9th September, 2009 Including another retrograte motion in 2009.

3. Saturn and Ketu remained together for a long time but it is only on 23rd October, 2007 that it can be said that Saturn nad Ketu were in conjunction.the degree of both these planets speak of the conjunction though some astrologers take the full month of October,2007 as of Saturn-Ketu conjunction. The above Horoscope is prepared as per planetary position on 23rd October , 2007.

4. All Mundane affairs specially of the Government and Government officials are likely to suffer in various ways for the period noted above and specially for three days i.e. 22nd ,23rd and 24th oct., 2007.

5. Rebellion type affairs including steps to over-throw the government are indicated- the sun is debilated and is aspected by Saturn who is in conjunction with Saturn.Saturn and mercury in the 2nd house are aspected by Rahu.

6. None of the Male fics receives the beneficial aspect of Jupiter – hence the person in charge of Government affairs may not give the needed advice in view of themalefic influence in the total horoscope.

7. With the above Horoscope,Vimshotra Dasha is of Jupiter-Saturn-Saturn upto 30.09.2007 – thus this periodcan bring all sorts of troubles,miseries eruption of diseases, loss of crops etc.

8. It is known to all that Ketu is akin to Mars – i.e. Ketu is another Mars. Ketu in 12th House is capable of giving bad results including assasianations of VIPs, harm to democratic institutions, heavy expenditure and huge losses to the country, treachery in the hands of own trusted persons i.e. betrayal by some of the trusted Government employees and also some persons holding the post of Ministers.

Accidents and sudden mishaps resulting in injuries and deaths can’t be ruled out.

Diseases including brain fever and diseases concerning the brain may crop up apart from/diseases cancer, plague, skin eruptions, leprosy etc. nirated.

Under other Mundane affairs concerning the countries inclide rebellions, revolutions, explosions, sudden events concerning the rulers of the country- such results can happen even after the conjunction.

Democratic institutions may suffer and some leaders may try to become dictators or some policies may be announced which can termed as of a disctator.

Strikes/bandhs etc. by labour class specially agricultural labour indicated- thus the government must take steps to please the farmers specially with regard to promised procurement prices of food-grains.

Shanker Adawal


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