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Know all about Rising Sign (Lagna) Ascendant - Scorpio

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

It is mentioned at the outset that most of persons having belief in astrology know about the rising sign-lagna. This write up relates to Scorpio, if it is rising in the Horoscope. The attached Horoscope can indicate about the rising sign-Lagna Scorpio (8). All predictive notes start from the Lagna, Lagna Lord- in your case, Lord of Scorpio is Mars and then know where the Mars goes in which House. Without dwelling on further details, it would suffice to say that all planets transiting Scorpio shall cover the following Nakshatras:

i) Visakha- 3.20 degrees. 210.00 tp 213.00 Zodiac of.

ii) Anuradha upto 16.40 degrees (213.20 to 226.40 Zodiac of.

iii) Jeyshstha upto 30 degrees 226.40 to 240.00 degrees of the Zodiac.

Now, know all about the Scorpio sign

Scorpio Ruled by Mars- Basic characteristics

1. This sign is described as a scorpion. The key words are head and not the heart, hard and sustained work, extremism and sensuality.

2. The native will be determined, self confident, exacting, direct, hard working, assertive and willing to accept challenges. He will set high goals and standards for himself which he will set about attaining tirelessly. He will be intense, introverted, intelligent, intuitive, independent and imaginative. He will have the ability to express emotions powerfully and thus can be a successful debater, orator, artist or a poet.

3. The native may sometimes show keen interest in the occult, and in nature and its mysteries. He may have the tendency to procrastinate due to his over-confidence in his abilities. He will revel in excitement and recklessness. He can be highly sensual and may be involved in intrigues and enmity with women.

4. The native may also over-indulge in alcoholic stimulants as a relaxant after hard work and may get addicted to it in the process. He will not be garrulous but talk only when required and to the point. He respects the privacy of others as he loves his own. He may be rude in his speech, irritable and may be critical of others.

5. Be that as it may, the native will be secretive and will not divulge his thoughts, emotions and strength. He will be well informed and clever. At times he will be unforgiving. He can be a fire-brand and may work against the tranquility and order of society. In the extreme he can be brutish, lacking feelings, deceitful, violent and bloodthirsty.

6. He will have good business acumen, and executive ability and be successful in trading. He will be lucky in money matters and will gain in speculation. He will earn well but will be extravagant. The native may be dishonest in his business dealings.

7. The native will expect total obedience from his family. He will like to have all the comforts and pleasures of life. He will enjoy life. He is good friend but a bad and relentless enemy. He will not have long standing friendships as he will expect a lot from his friends.

8. The friends of the native will be in powerful and influential positions. The native will expect love and approbation from the spouse and even a small critical observation from the spouse will put him off. The native will have a good wife unless the second, seventh or the eleventh house receives adverse influence. The native will have a big family to support.

9. The native will be of medium height with a firm, muscular and stocky body. He will be robust and physically powerful. The face will be broad, hair curly and the complexion swarthy. He will like outdoor sports.

10. The scrotum, rectum, and the anus relate to this sign. The native may disturb or ruin his health by his own excesses. He will have unusual vitality and recuperative powers. Diseases of the reproductive and eliminatory systems relate to this sign.

11. The native can be a good chemist, physician, surgeon or a dentist. He can also do well at jobs that involve hard and detailed work, research or investigation, use of cutting instruments, or machines mainly used for processing different liquids.

12. Ruins, dilapidated buildings, old wells and crevices and drainage system of old dwelling places where reptiles and insects breed, moist places, abattoirs, operation theatres, cremation grounds, lavatories, muddy spots, chemical laboratories etc. are signified by this sign.

13. (i) If the first drekkan of the sign is rising, the eighth house will be to the fore and the influence of Mars will be unadulterated The native has the potential to earn substantial wealth through business enterprises. He will have fascination for stocks and shares but will not be successful at speculation. He will have to face enmity at a sizable scale leading to massive litigation. The 14th, 22nd and 23rd years of life will be important.

(ii) (a) If the second drekkan is rising the influence of Mars will be tempered with that of Jupiter and the twelfth house will be to the fore. The bad qualities of Scorpio will predominate and the native will not be fortunate, unless Jupiter is powerful in the chart.

(ii) (b) He will be troubled by enemies especially by female enemies. He will face some very dangerous situations in life and will have to bear loss and sorrow. He will be closely linked with hospitals etc. and may be ailing throughout his life. He may also be confined or his liberty severely restricted.

(ii) (c) The role of Jupiter for this drekkan is of importance. If Jupiter is powerful the evil indications maybe mitigated. In such a case the native will have intense spiritual or philosophic development and may have psychic experiences. The 24th, 29th, 31st, 36th and 42nd years of life will be important.

(iii) (a) If the third drekkan rises, the influence of the Moon will also have to be taken into account and the fourth house will be to the fore. A powerful Moon will make the native inclined to be emotional and keen on attachments. Therefore to an extent the selfish and brutish side of the sign will be mellowed. The native will be given to study and practice of the occult, magic or the bizarre.

(iii) (b) If the Moon and the fourth house are weak, the native will have a difficult time with his mother and senior female members of his family. The 41st, 44th, 49th and 52nd years of life will be important.

Shanker Adawal


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