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No need to dread Saturn’s transits always!

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

Article published in Starteller, November 2006

As the planet of responsibility, Saturn imposes its burdens on an individual, so that he understands the importance of his own needs. By meeting his tasks to the best of his abilities, an individual gives form to his own self worth. While Saturn has so often been thought of as the planet of restrictions, it is actually a planet of great freedom.

THE tendency to give every Saturn transit a fateful interpretation is completely unfounded; as many Saturn transits are harmless and at times beneficial. The transits of Saturn over its own radical position, or in opposition or square to this position, usually correspond to developmental crises, signifying the end of one phase and the beginning of a new one, which in general takes a duration of roughly seven year periods, which however, do not necessarily have to be connected with Saturn’s transit over the Sun’s position or over planet clusters in one Sign as well. Saturn transits can only then be termed critical, when Saturn is moving very slowly or is stationary or posited in a constellation making a mutual exchange with other critical constellation.

Given below are the effects of transits Saturn crossing the natal positions of a few planets, from reports sent to us for research:

* Transit Saturn crossing radical Sun
- Latter part of childhood remaining unhappy.

* Transit Saturn crossing radical Venus
- Separation from loved ones.

* Transit Saturn crossing radical Moon (sade-sati)
-Death of grandparents, bleak home, poverty

* Transit Saturn squaring radical Moon
- unsuccessful attempts at getting ahead, uncertain circumstances, deceit and loss of
money through partners in business, staying away from home.

* Transit Saturn squaring radical Saturn
- Futile efforts, many obstacles, lack of income.

* Transit Saturn crossing radical Mars.
- deterioration and subsequent destruction of domestic life, despondent and lonely
member of household, taking over of great obligations. After surviving the hard times,
creation of own respectable home.

* Transit Saturn squaring radical Sun posited in the 10th house.
- Unemployment, family worries and illness.

* Transit Saturn conjuncting (in the same constellation) the radical position of Jupiter.
- Serious conflicts at the work-front.

In general, there are always echoes of the past events or situations, when Saturn moves out of a Sign. Reviewing past mistakes allows us to handle the future more effectively. Taken in the negative sense, Saturn transits may seem to bring setbacks, disappointments, trials etc. But, taken in the positive sense, Saturn’s transit induces slow re-assessment of the self and objectives. New responsibilities are also thrust upon people, which will bring both happiness and very hard labour.

Saturn and ‘the Now’

The sense of containment that Saturn affords is not a restriction at all, but it merely teaches an individual how to mould himself in the ways, which have the most meaning, Saturn is the teacher, who possesses the greatest secrets of the universe, if one has the willingness to learn. What one does each day is more important that what one dreams about doing in the future. The pure essence of Saturn speaks of the reality and ‘the Now’ (today).

The delays associated with Saturn slow down an individual, so that instead of racing through time meaninglessly, he can learn how to fill every moment with the form and substance that will create greater meaning in life. The slow plodding nature of Saturn’s purpose is always surefooted and steady. This planet’s energies help to effectively un-earth a person to his current reality.

Saturn can be one’s benefactor, or one’s burden of woe, depending completely upon the ways in which a person builds his structure. While the realization of goals may be well in the future, it is what one does towards reaching them in “The Now” creates reality. For many, Saturn is the taskmaster. But, he who lives in “The Now” is always the master of the task! During Sade-sati and Ashtama Sani also, there are instances of favourable results. For example, Mrs. Sonia Gandhi brought her party to power in 2004 general elections in India, while passing through Sade-sati. Agonizings do not go in vain; after much hiccups, you will be determined to march forward with a more purposeful tread, on a surer footing.

Shanker Adawal


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