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Are you Fortunate?

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

Article published in Starteller, September 2006
A well-formed Fate line, without breaks or cross, is much desired for a fortunate life. Similarly, the 9th house of fortune, the planet posited therein and the 9th lord keep a control over our fortune.

Fate line and Fortune

Without the Fate line in human hands, nobody can get easy success in any matter in life. While explaining about the Fate line, the palmists pointed out that the clear line should reach up to any mount i.e. Jupiter, Saturn, Sun or Mercury mount, without any break or cross etc. so that the person can get positive result in this respect. Palmists like Benham & Cheiro were of the view that breakage of Fate line which is vertically drawn may not be able to give successful result, whereas it may delay or harass the native during the period, when this breakage or cross will be prominent. Most of the astrologers and palmists think that only one Fate line is sufficient to build a successful and smooth career, whereas maximum or many Fate lines create trouble or change the human fate off and on, by which the native may face multifarious difficulties during their youth. There will be no difficulty to get reputation or public honour, if the clear and straight Fate line proceeds towards the mount of Apollo or Sun. Financial stability will be sound as and when the Fate line will reach the mount of Jupiter. Luck may be favourable, for those with clear Fate line reaching the well-formed mount of Saturn. New Venture in business will be successful for those with the Fate line running upto the mount of Mercury.

Also find out wherefrom the Fate line is rising i.e., from base of the mount of Luna or Moon. Native will get successful result by dint of his own caliber, if the Fate line comes from the base. Others will facilitate the native to build the career, if the Fate line rises from the mount of Luna and Moon.

Ninth house and Fortune.

In a Rasi chart, the Ninth house from the birth Sign or Lagna (Ascendant) is the indicator of fate. The native will be lucky, if the Bhagyabhava-karaka (Jupiter or Venus) is well posited in the 9th house. If the lord of the 9th house is located in Trine (5, 9) or in Quadrant (1, 4, 7 or 10) with sufficient strength, then there will be no doubt about his luck. A school of astrologers pointed out that Venus or Jupiter’s location in the 5th house indicates bright future. For example, a native born in Scorpio Lagna may be lucky, if the lord of the 9th, Moon, is posited in Pisces (fifth house) and the lord of the fifth (Jupiter) is placed in exaltation in the 9th house in Cancer. This is called Parivartana yoga or exchange of houses between two planets. In some notable scripts, it is said to be Jeeva yoga. Rabindra Nath Tagore, an eminent poet from Bengal, had Jeeva yoga or Parivartana yoga in his natal chart. He was born in Pisces Sign and ascendant, along with Moon in the lagna and Jupiter in exaltation in Cancer in the fifth house. He won the Nobel Prize in Literature.

If the 9th lord is posited in a dusthana (6, 8 or 12), then the fruitful results will be blocked. Another ground may be noted for bad luck or ill fate, if Kalasarpa yoga is found in the Rasi chart of the native. Kalasarpa yoga is nothing but blockage of the effects of other major seven planets is one side of Rahu and Ketu in the Zodiac.

Devaguru Brihaspati or Jupiter is the chief governor of luck. Bhagya karta or lord of fate is Venus. For Aries Lagna and Cancer lagna, good placement of Jupiter (the 9th lord) will ensure good luck in life. Sometimes due to the aspect of benefic planets in the house 9 or 3, malefic effects of unfavorable planets will be diminished instantaneously. The major, sub or sub-sub periods of the 9th lord also brings luck. Favourable transits of the 9th lord also add to the prospects.

Effects of various planets occupying the 9th house:

Sun – Public honour, inheritance of paternal property
Venus – Luck through women, comforts.
Moon – Favoured by women folk, interest in luxury items.
Mercury – Success in business
Mars – Martial capacity
Rahu – Help from foreign lands
Saturn (weak) – Obstacles.

Shanker Adawal


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