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Amitabh Bachan – Prediction based on Name and Nakshatra

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

Shri Amitabh Bhachan was born in Allahabad on 11.10.1942 at 16:00:00 hrs.

Astrology is a complex science where we all know that Moon affects the tide of the oceans, the birds migrate during various seasons, and Sun has an impact on the energy and the flow of river Nile. This has been observed by Scientists since centuries and the complex Solar system has an impact on the functioning of the earth. We, as human beings are also a part of this system and thus the vibrations generated by various activities in the solar system though impact us. The deep essentials of astrology and what I term as non-essentials have to be differentiated.

In the analysis of Shri Amitabh Bhachan, I believe that the importance should be given to the intrinsic nature with which a person is born and this shapes his actions and thus destiny. Here, I am analyzing the impact of the word `Amitabh’ and the constellation or nakshatra in which he was borne. This gives a broad and a fairly accurate analysis of the inherent traits of the person which is the core.
Numerological Meaning of `Amitabh’

[Gender: M=Male, FLN (First Letter Number) : 1, EN (Expression Number): 9, SN (Soul Urge Number) : 11/2, PN (Persona Number): 7, RN (Recurring Numbers) : 1,2 ]

Inspiration and intuition figure very prominently in Amitabh’s thinking processes, decisions and actions. Friendly, frank, unorthodox, empathetic, charismatic, inspiring, kind, courageous and generous, he finds it difficult to limit himself to a restricted group whether in personal, social or professional life. A philosopher, he is greatly interested in understanding others’ behavior and reasons for unique ways of thinking. As most of the numeric values associated with his name are odd, it is likely that Amitabh will be driven more by the dynamic master number 11 in his soul urge rather than the quieter and passive 2. The number 11 enhances his ability to excel in creative or artistic endeavors. It increases a desire for community service and Amitabh will gain more serenity of mind and a deep satisfaction when he performs selfless service for the greater good. Gifted with the ability to communicate and project thoughts in a creative fashion, he can be instrumental in helping people bring positive change into their lives. If he decides to work on this talent for a profession, he could prove to be a dynamic teacher or counselor. When he is more artistic, his work can touch others’ lives in inspiring ways. If in business, Amitabh can be quite the confident and aggressive go-getter, and its quite possible that his work will make him travel extensively. The first letter number 1 brings self-control and the expression number 9 can make him quite impulsive. He may therefore easily sway between the extremes of immediately acting on his instincts and in the other extreme exercising self-control in order to think things carefully and thoroughly before taking any action. Amitabh’s partner should understand his need to reach out to more people and should be able to keep up with his ever-expanding social network.

The number 1 and 2 recur twice each in Amitabh’s name heightening his imagination and thus creativity and intuition. All his numbers considered together indicate an outstanding diplomat.

Considering the date, month and year are accurate; his Moon is at 10.19’ and thus ruled by Swati Nakshtra, which ruled by Rahu.

Ancient Vedic seers associated a lot of importance to this bright star and saw it as the abode of Saraswati, the goddess of learning. Its Symbol is a `young plant shoot blown by the wind’ Its main presiding Deity, is Vayu, the god of wind. He is one of the five main gods residing in Swarga (heavenly astral plane), who are responsible for taking care of the five main elements of nature – earth, wind, fire, water and ether. “Balance” is the keyword for native born under the strong influence of this nakshatra. Balance is a double-edged sword and many Swati types are seen to avoid taking any stance on any matter due to their extreme need to maintain harmony. Mode of Functioning of the native of Swati is more of a “wait and watch” rather than a “run and get it” types of nakshatra. In Gender, it is a Female nakshatra. Swati represents the female aspect of its planetary ruler, Rahu. The second Pada or Quarter of this asterism 10o00’ – 13o20’ Libra falls in Capricorn Navamsa and is ruled by Saturn. This pada embodies the material aspect of Swati’s functioning. It is the most rooted among the four padas and thus to an extent lacks Swati’s inherent fragility. The concerns here are stability and material growth. It can be deemed as selfish when it comes to personal comforts and other forms of materiality. Planets here give a sound business sense. This nakshatra reflects High Cliffs; Places where winds blow strongly; Agricultural land; Coral reefs; Marketplace; Business Centres; Banks; Financial Institutions; Sport Complexes; Airports (both civil and military) etc. The Orientation & Disposition of this nakshatra shows that it is a level nakshatra. Falling in the heart of Libra, it has a balancing quality. It thus relays the diplomatic, pleasing side of Rahu. It can always compromise to achieve its eventual ends. It can be seen as a combined Venus and Rahu energy and relays the Venusian side of Rahu’s functioning. This makes it good in most Venusian related pursuits like music. Inauspicious Activities under this nakshatra : Not good for travel; Fierce or warlike activities; any type of aggressive behaviour is not likely to pay off in this nakshatra. Under the Planetary Ruler: The primarily materialistic energy of Rahu and Venus combined gives Swati natives success in Venusian business pursuits. In its negative aspect, natives under the heavy influence of this nakshatra can become a slave to their desires and are guided by greed and deceit to gain their ends. Rahu has a diplomatic nature, which is very similar to that of Venus. Rahu, like Venus, is by nature a social planet and enjoys company. Rahu is supposed to give an artistic temperament in much the same way as Venus, but as always with Rahu, there is a touch of unorthodoxy involved. Remedial: Repetition of the root mantras of this nakshatra – “Om Lam”, “Om Ksham”, “Om Am” and “Om Aam” 108 times when Moon transits this nakshatra and in its corresponding lunar month is sure to reduce suffering and bring enlightenment into a person’s life. There are Examples like Amitabh Bachan, many commercial king pins, Nelson Rockefeller has his Moon placed in Swati and Mark Twain, the famous author and social commentator, was born with his Ascendant, Mercury and Saturn in Swati.

Shanker Adawal


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