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Dwadishansh Ascendants, its Cycle and Horoscope!


In scriptures, the 12th part of an ascendant is awarded house.  It’s one part consisting of 3 Ansh and 30 Ghari. It's counting according to number-wise inference, 30 Anshas of the ascendant are divided by 12 where one part comprises 2.5 Ansh.   Hence the first part belongs to the first ascendant; the second part belongs to the seemed as conduct the third half belongs to the third ascendant. The respective parts are assigned to all planets in a sequence. For example, if we have to derive the Dwadishansh of the first ascendant namely Aries then taking into consideration the first part that begins from Aries ascendant, 2 - 5 Ansh will be assigned to Aries the lord of Mars, next 2-5 Ansh to Venus the lord of Taurus, another 2-5 Ansh to Mercury, the lord of Gemini and still another 2-5 Ansh to Moon the lord of Cancer and see on till Dwadishansh comes to an end at Jupiter, the lord of Pisces Rashi. Thus, in the second ascendant, namely Taurus the 12th Dwadishansh will come to an and from Taurus to the last namely, Aries in a sequence as the 12thRashi from Taurus is Aries. Therefore, Dwadishangh just looks for the lord of that Rashi. The details of its impact shall be elicited from its Dwadishansh since the ascendant inference is 3 Rashi, 12 Ansh, 36 Ghari, 12 pals. The ascendant in the Dwadishansh horoscope is Sagittarius. The planets will be entered in the Dwadishansh horoscope accordingly.

Dr. A. Shanker

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