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Description of Ttrishansh Ascendants!

The scriptures describe the thirteenth part of an ascendant as
Ttrishansh where every ascendant is divided differently instead of into five parts. According to the Indian sages, there is the Ttrishansh of Mars up to five Anshas of odd Rashi, Ttrishansh of Saturn up to 10 Anshas, then Ttrishansh of Jupiter up to 18 Anshas, then Trishans of Mercury up to 24 Anshas and finally Ttrishansh of Venus up to 30 Anshas. However, in even Rashi, namely Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces there are the trishans of Venus up to 5 Anshas, Ttrishansh of Mercury up to 12 Anshas, then there is Ttrishansh of Jupiter up to 20 Anshas and finally, up to 30 Anshas the Ttrishansh of Mars is calculated.

How to evolve TtrishAnsh Horoscope?

In the Rashi or planet whose Ttrishansh one intends to calculate is in the odd Rashi it will be derided from odd Rashi. In case its lying in even Rashi it will be calculated from even Rashis. If the Anshas show the target time in the horoscope tally the number of Anshas recorded under a Rashis of a planet will be calculated within its extent. If the Anshas exceed it will be calculated as within the extent of another planet mentioned under it. If it is even greater than that it will be calculated within the extent of the third planet. For example, if we have to derive the Ttrishansh of Cancer ascendant and on our target time Cancer ascendant is at 12 Ansh, 36 Kula, and 12 BaKula while Cancer ascendant by itself is an even Rashi. Therefore, it will be calculated through even Rashi. By giving 15 Anshas to Venus and 17 Ansh to Mercury respectively from Ansh, Kula and Bakula of Cancer the total of their number will be 12 Anshas. Since, the Ansha of the ascendant are greater than that ended as the Anshas of Jupiter, the Ttrishansh of Jupiter will be calculated at the target time. Since the ascendant inference is 3 Rashi, 12 Ansh, 36 Ghari, 12 pals the ascendant has Bakula in Pisces Rashi in TtrishAnsh horoscope.

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