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Question: I am a rich person, but some astrologers say that my horoscope is bad in terms of money, why so? Birth details are 14 August 1981, 6:23 A.M. @ Mumbai...

Kundli as per given birth details

Answer: Astrology is for predicting the future. This means you have to tell the astrologer about your past and present and they will look at your chart and predict the future, right? This is what it is. If you have money right now and if your horoscope says or predicts that the money situation is not good; This means you are going to lose it.

Now what is happening in your chart even though Rahu and Sun are well placed in your Lagna house, but Rahu in the Lagna house is never good; It leads to the kind of thing you're doing - overconfidence, bluntness, arrogance. Moreover, the combination of Ketu and Moon with Rahu and Sun in the seventh house is never good. As a result, there will be great suffering in your married life.

And even if you come from a wealthy family because Mercury is well placed in the second house, look at your Venus. It is debilitated in the third house where Jupiter and Saturn are already present.

And right now, you are going through Mahadasha of your enemy house Jupiter till 2033. After that, Mahadasha of Saturn will come in your third house till 2052 when Venus will be in debilitated position in the same house, due to which you will be continuously going through Mahadasha next 30 years.

Due to this scenario, there will be troubles in all areas of your life, and this includes your personal life too. Also, I see that there will be a divorce or separation soon. The other important point is that your business life tells me that there will be a lot of money leakage or loss in your chart in near future. Well, the impact of these bad scenarios can be mitigated by daily prayers, visiting temples, giving food to the needy along with acceptance of extreme humility.

Dr. A. Shanker


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