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Money and Astrology – what is the connection between!


'Types of wealth' is an interesting question from the astrology point of view but assessing native’s wealth is slightly a boring work to analyses each household.

For example, the second house will show your spouse's accumulated income.

The tenth house will represent your father's accumulated wealth etc.

You can classify wealth in households by analyzing the following households:

1. Analyze the 'Earth' house i.e. second, sixth and tenth house. - These houses describe a person's ability to earn the necessary money.

2. House of incoming profits (liquid money) i.e. 11th house. - The 11th house represents the individual's ability to create liquid assets. It is also cash money or liquid assets.

3. House of profit and gain (fortune) i.e. 9th house. - The ninth house shows a lot about the native's ability to make profits in life and their ability to gain profits in whatever activity they engage in.

4. House of immovable property (immovable property) i.e. second house. - The second house shows the accumulated income of the person and it can also be property or fixed deposits etc.

5. House of self-employment (earning through individual skills) i.e. third house. - Many people do not keep the 3rd house in mind while analyzing the income from self-employment, but it is actually very important because whenever the 3rd house is strong, it shows that the native has a business like self-employment. There is a possibility of earning a lot of money through your own efforts or independent work etc.

6. House of speculative profits (earnings through stocks and shares etc.) i.e. 5th house. - When we talk about the native's ability to earn from speculation i.e. stocks, shares, mutual funds, betting, gambling etc. then the 5th house is the most important house. If the 5th house is strong and the lord is in good position, then the native will be able to earn awesome income through investments and speculations.

7. House of loan (debt) i.e. sixth house. - Yes, the sixth house also reflects a person's wealth as it shows the person's ability to take loans. This may seem bad to a common man but those who come from a business background will know that not all loans are bad. Some debts are good debts. For example, to set up a factory you need a loan. You need a loan to set up a company or build a project. Therefore, a strong sixth house indicates the person's income from loans.

8. House of partnership (funding, shares, investments, litigation) i.e. 7th house. - If you need money or investment for your business idea, it is important to analyze the 7th house. If your seventh house is strong you will have better luck in receiving funds and making profits through stock market.

9. House of sudden gains and long term investments, treasures (inheritance, joint wealth with spouse and secret wealth) i.e. 8th house. - The 8th house is actually a very important house in terms of earning money and sudden profits along with your spouse. This house also shows your inheritance wealth and profits from 3rd party money. What this means is that it shows how much profit you can make by investing 3rd party money or we can say profit made through cut.  That way CPAs, CFAs and investment bankers must be having a strong eighth house.

For example, there are layers upon layers:

• The second house also shows your partner's hidden wealth.

• Your owners' projected profits.

• It also shows your ancestral debt

• Mother's liquid income.,

Therefore, to analyze the wealth of the native, one needs to analyze all the houses in horoscope or the 'Ashtakavarga' of these houses, the position and dignity of the lords of these houses, aspects and signs of these houses.

Dr. A. Shanker

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