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Hora Horoscope!

Since the inference of ascendant at our target time is 3 Rashi, 12 Ansh, 36 Kula, and 12 Bakula, it has been taken in the first hora for 5 Anshas falling inside it. The planets should be entered in the hora horoscope. As hora is pertinent only to Cancer and Leo Rashi every planet in these two Rashis will be recorded under hora horoscope. In case the inference of sum is up to 15 Ansh or less than that it will be considered to be under its hora and the Ghari exceeding 15 Anshas of the Moon will be included in the hora as well. Similarly, even Rashi Moon’s impact should be considered. The Sun inference of our target time is 5 Rashi, 12 Ansh, and 42 Hal. Therefore, the Sun will be taken in the Moon's hora. The Moon came under Leo Rashi. Mars, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn of cancer Rashi fall under the Moon hora while Jupiter falls under the hora of Leo Rashi.

Dr. A. Shanker

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