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Prana and Sooksham Dashas – Part 1


Results of the Sub-Sub-Periods (Prana Dashas) - in the Sub-Sub-Period (Sookshma Dasha) of Planets. Computation of the Sub-Sub-Sub-Period:


The Sub-Period years of a planet be multiplied by the Maha Dasha years of each planet separately and the product then be divided by 120 (total of the Maha Dashas of all planets), the resultant will indicate the Sub-period of each planet.


i)  Sub-Period of the Sun and Results of the Sub-Sub Periods of the Sun etc.: - Tendency of Sodomy, danger of poison, theft, fear from the Ruler, physical distress.

ii) Sub-Period of the Moon in the Sub-Period of the Sun: Comforts, decent meals, property, refined habits, admirations, etc., Govt. Authority greatness with ardent public support.

iii) Sub-Period of Mars in the Sub-Period of the Sun: - Unhappy incident with the Govt. Authority, loss of wealth, frightfulness, heavy losses.


iv) Sub-Period of Rahu in the Sub-Period of the Sun: Great distress, danger particularly from poison, and destruction of wealth through the Govt. Authority and fire.


v)             Sub-Period of Jupiter in the Sub-Period of the Sun: - Different types of education, acquisition of wealth and property, success at work, accomplishment of tasks by frequent visits to Govt. Authority and Brahmins.


vi)            Sub-Period of Saturn in the Sub-Period of the Sun: Imprisonment, demise, intensification of worries, many obstacles, tremendous losses.


vii)          Sub-Period of Mercury in the Sub-Period of the Sun: Meals from the food grains regularly supplied by the Govt. Authority, mental satisfaction, conferment of Govt. flag.


viii)        Sub-Period of Ketu in the Sub-Period of the Sun: Loss of wealth on account of a quarrel with the preceptor, wife, and co-born can be the cause of defeat.


ix)        Sub-Period of Venus in the Sub-Period of the Sun: Felicitation by the Govt. Authority, opulent wealth, pleasure of wife due to the birth of a child, enjoyment of eating and drinking, etc.

Dr. A. Shanker

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