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Twin Birth - What are the Astrological Reasons!

As is known all problems from womb to tomb are covered and can be solved via the Divine Science-Astrology. Here the question involved is why people get TWINS though some cases of ladies giving birth to three children, quadruplets, and giving birth to animals are also indicated by some of the astrological principles.

Before discussing the principles of Twins, it is necessary to say that the potency of male and female cannot be ignored. Similarly, the organs of both have also to be considered. The planets involved are Mars, Venus, Jupiter with Mercury the Sun, and the Moon. Venus and Jupiter with Mercury, Sun and Moon. A lady giving birth to twins must have a large organ. The sexual organ of a lady is considered large/long in the following combinations:

·       When the Sun or Mars joins Saturn/ Rahu and the lord of the 7th house becomes malefic.

·       When the lord of the 7th house is Jupiter or Venus and a malefic joins.

·       When the lords of the 7th house of Saturn and Mercury join.

In general, the 5th house and the 5th lord have a major role to play in the birth of children. The first child shall be looked at from the 5th house. Where a couple is blessed with the first child and then gets twins, then the 7th house and 7th lord shall be considered concerning conjunction, aspect, or association of other planets.

According to Prashara Hora Shastra birth of twins is indicated when the native, who has the sun in a quadruped sign while others are in dual signs with strength, is born as one of the twins. Quadruped signs are the second part of Taurus, Leo. The first half of Capricorn and the second part of Sagittarius. If the Sun is in a quadruped while others are in dual signs is in a quadruped sign while others are in dual signs i.e. Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius (half-first part), and Pisces, the native may be born as one of the twins. The other six planets are endowed with strength.

Twins shall be born when they are conceived as such. For conception, shall take place when the Moon and Mars (in the case of a woman) or the Sun and Venus (in the case of a man) occupy their own house or their Navamsas. In addition, Jupiter has also an equal role to play when it occupies Lagna or a Trine. Be that as it may, the conception of Twins shall depend on the virility (semen) of the male and fertility of the female as we have separate combinations for giving birth to a male child, a female child, or even a eunuch.

Then there are cases where twins born are boys and in other cases there are girls and still in other cases there are one girl and one boy. This all depends on the force of Male Planets and Female planets, especially in the 5th house and 5th Lord. If the Lords of the 1st and 5th houses are together in Kendra in association with a benefic planet and the lord of the 2nd house is strong, the native may be blessed with twin boys. For want of space, this and other principles are not being mentioned.

According to astrological principles one gets different types of children and in the case of twins, normally Nakshtra in which the twins are born may not change and thus the conditions of both will remain the same including for longevity but if the Nakshtra has changed, then one may be an 'accused' and other may be a 'Judge'.

Some die in the womb as in the case of a single child. Under Horary, if the quarry is 'whether the child in the womb will die or live, the astrologer can say that it will live if the Lord of 12th is in a Kendra in conjunction with aspected by benefices or if the query is put during the Shukla Paksha (waning Moon) and the Moon is in the 12th conjoined with benefice, the child in the womb is expected to live. These principles and another such principle equally apply to twins.

For giving birth to a single child or twins, the woman must be receptive and for this, the Moon and Mars causing monthly menses must be taken into account. When the Moon is in Upachaya Rasis (3rd, 6th, 10th, and 11th) and the woman gets sexual union, the chances of twins are bright depending on the power of Jupiter, Mars, and the Sun. Bahuputra Yoga (more than one child either simultaneously or at intervals) comes into play when Rahu is in the 5th house and is in a Navamsha other than Saturn. Similar results are indicated if the Lord of the Navamsha occupied by planets who are in association with the 7th Lord is in the 1st, 2nd, or 5th house.

Even from the principle of 'Bhavat Bhavam', the 9th house is capable of giving twin sons/ daughters depending on the force of planets involved as indicated above (9th house is 5th from 5th). If there is a marked influence of female planets, especially Saturn, Moon, and Venus, twins born shall be girls.

Summing up astrological principles on Twins, it can be said Male planets influencing the 5th lord give male twins and when the 5th house belongs to a female planet influencing female plants, female planets, and female twins shall be born depending on Beeja or Kshetra.

Dr. A. Shanker


  1. Frankly speaking almost everyone wants to know about their birthchart and kundli, moreover the advantages of having dasha system one but there is a lot on websites and astrologers online or offline some of them are not trustworthy . I had a experience with rocking baba who have more than 20 astrologers who have well experienced. They always be in your help...

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