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Prana and Sooksham Dashas – Part 2


Sub-Sub-Periods in Sub-Sub Period of the Moon.

Results of the Sub-Periods of Planets in the Sub-Period of the Moon!

Sub Period of the Moon in the Sub-Sub-Period of the Moon. - Pleasure through wife due to birth of a child, gain of wealth and new clothes, subjugation of incantation (yoga-Siddhi) to undergo penance, etc.


Sub-Period of the Mars in the Sub-Period of the Moon:

i)               Wasting diseases (causing loss of strength or vitality), leprosy, destruction of the co-born, danger due to excessive bleeding, haunted by evil spirits.


Sub-Period of Rahu in the Sub-Period of the Moon:

ii)             Danger from the snake, the unhappy incident of an evil spirit, impairment of eyesight, fall in wisdom or intelligence.


Sub-Period of Jupiter in the Sub-Period of the Moon:

iii)           Devoutness towards religion, forgiveness, devotion towards deities and Brahmins, increase in fortune, meetings with loved ones.


Sub-Period of Saturn in the Sub-Period of the Moon:

iv)            Pains in the entire body, distress due to unhappy incidents with the enemy, partial blindness (gradual impairment of sight) acquisition of wealth, etc.


Sub-Period of Mercury in the Sub-Period of the Moon:

v)             Bestowing of the flag from the Govt. Authority, inculcation of the feelings of equalitarianism, etc.


Sub-Period of Ketu in the Sub-Period of the Moon:

vi)            Distress from weapons, fire, and enemies, fear of poison, stomach ailments, grief of wife and children.


Sub-Period of Venus in the Sub-Period of the Moon:

vii)          Pleasure of wives, children, and friends; receiving wealth from the foreign land, pleasurable comforts, various kinds of foreign wealth, etc.


Sub-Period of the Sun in the Sub-Period of the Moon:

ix) Brutalism, increase in anger, demise, mental distress, desertion of the country, great fear etc.

 Dr. A. Shanker

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