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Preliminary Concept of Astrology!

There are number of basic concepts and principle for whose understanding even one’s entire life spam will fall short two division in the height of their enormous study and observation. One is based on the birth horoscope or janam kundli and the other on question horoscope or prashna kundi. In both the cases the time of ascendant should rightly be established. The almighty has resulted the consequences of this knowledge and good and evil deeds done by the creatures on the opportune moment and movement of stars whose cycle governs the existence and non-existence of all objects of the universe. Writings, left by the antiquity are witness to the impact of stars on human actions. The Creator has put the beginning and end of the universe, its rise and fall under the control of time which the researchers of astrology have described to movement of planets and celesta developments. Since the time of the creator of the universe assigned a place to all heavenly bodies brought the universe to actions. He chose Cancer to occupy the place of ascendant in the horoscope of the birth of universe when written in which all planets are made to happen in the house of Aries. Since all the four main columns were upside down at that time the entire universe with all its contacts was deemed to be inverted. Vicissitudes of time, progress and decadence, life and death, rise and fall experienced by us is due to horoscope of birth of the universe. It is this horoscope and secrets of celestial cycle whose impact has been knowledge by all avatars, prophets, gods and rulers and kings a like.

Dr. Shanker Adawal,,

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