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Ascendant According to ‘Ghari’ and Pal!

First Approach: If one has to see the ascendant on a particular date and time of a month he is advised to note down the length of that day of the month from a prevalent almanac and also work out as how many gharis and pals of the day form the desired time have passed. 2-5 pals make a minute, 24 minutes make

one ghari and 2-5 gharis make on, hours, Just remember the gharis and pals that have passed up to the desired time from the Sun rise. Then ascertain the ascendant against that date of the month and its how many gharis and pals are assigned to it. The celestial house in which the Sun rises in or month the same house or ascendant will appear in the whole month. Twelve ascendants complete their round on the ordained time. The Ascendant indicated in a particular month. Then gharis and pals of its future ascendants taken from the schedule of timing of ascendant are to be added to it. The amount of gharis and pals passed up to your descried time will reflect the ascendant.

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