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Inconsistency in first Horoscope (Birth Kundli)!

A horoscope is drawn when a male or female child is born to a person – Indians all it ‘batwa’ or birth horoscope. If the time is correct and ascendant has been established in conformity with the result will be favourable. However, if the time is not correct and the ascendant has been deduced from it, there will be a discrepancy in the result and the corresponding institutions. Therefore, if one has assumed that the ascendant is flawless there will be no need to make any alterations in the time difference. If the time has been taken by calculation of the length of day, it will need adjustment in time difference. The time or ghari of birth after Sun rise established according to the day length and perfect match is called the preferred birth ascendant. When the preferred ascendant becomes known let us establish the ascendant and record it in the birth horoscope. This ascendant will constitute the birth column of birth horoscope. Confirm any of the stars of horoscope found in whatever house with the kundli of that day. Further, the date, star and yog of that day with timing in terms of ghari and pal should be entered. Enter the number of that zodiac sign by discussing the same as ascendant of the second kundli in its first column. Indian astrologers have confirmed it as lunar horoscope or Chandra kundli. The zodiac sign in which the Moon happens full is the birth sign of the person concerned.

Dr. Shanker Adawal,,

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