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Pregnancy, Birth and Astrology!

Pregnancy Cycle to know the day of Birth:
If one remembers the date of conception from the cycle of the day of birth one may arrive at the date when a male child will be born. This cycle has two chambers and in each chamber two dates and months are scribed. The month written upward will indicate the month of pregnancy while the date mentioned upward will indicate the date of concept. Thus, the month given in the column of month shows the month of the birth of a male child while the date mentioned in the lower column shows the date when the delivery of the child is expected. If there occurs a difference of a few days it brings no harm because there is a great divine exigency in appointed June ture of birth and death. Suppose a person day of another deliver a child. Just see under the sixth day of the month of October in the cycle. It will show 13th day of july and say what the woman will deliver on 13th of July.

Time of conceiving: Pregnancy takes place in a woman’s womb in the fifth ascendant from that of birth. The fourth month from that of birth, third date, third day and the length lunar mansion of birth. Suppose on 29 September 1912 corresponding to Push Sambat 1969 Bikram, Sunday, date of Chhath a boy is born in the dark phase (Krishan Paksh) at 12:10 AM, 11 Ghari 15 pal in the Pisces a ascendant. The above-mentioned rule suggests that the fifth ascendant from Pisces is Cancer and the fourth month from Push is Chaitra and the third day from Sunday is Tuesday and length lunar mansion from Purv Phalguni is Punvkhad. When this combination is tallied with almanac this combination is on 19 April 1912 corresponding to 18 Chait 1969. It shows what that is an appropriate period for a woman to conceive.

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