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Positioning of Sun 🌞 and Moon 🌙!

If one wants to know when the Sun will rise, he should note the gharis of the length of the day. Note done the difference from 30 gharis and make half of the difference. In case day is shorter than might, then, according to the principle of cutting the difference half the Sun will rise at 6 O’clock. If day is longer than the night, then Sun will rise before 6 O’clock. Suppose the length of the day is 32 gharis. It has a difference of 2 gharis. The half of this is 1 ghari. Some day is longer than night the Sun will rise one hour earlier than 6 O’clock and will set one hour later than 6 O’clock.

If we divide the gharis and pals of day length, the quotient will show the time of Sunrise. For example, the length of day is 30 gharis. 30 divided by 5 will give 6. Thus, the Sun will rise at 6 O’clock. If Pals are in Fraction let then be converted into minutes. 2.5 pals make one minute 24 minutes make one ghari and gharis make one hour.

Rising and Setting of Moon: Time of Rising of Moon in the brighter portion and its setting in the dark portion can be depicted. If one has to see after how many hours of night the Moon will rise just observe the date of the day and that of hour many ‘gharis’ and pals the night is Multiply the date of the target day with the total of ghari and pal in addition to deleting 2 from the product. If there is any remainder divide 15 by it. The quotient will he the ghari and pal of rise of the Moon. In order to know the ghari and pal of setting of the Moon multiply the date with ghari and pal of night. Add 2 to the product divide the total by 15. The quotient is equivalent to the hours having passed an that night after which the Moon will set.

Nature of rising and setting of the Moon Moon of the fourth night sets at nearly 10 O’clock. Fifth night’s fifth night Moon will set at 11 O’clock. The sixth Night’s Moon 12 O’clock. If the Moon is of 7th night, it will set at 1 O’clock. The Moon of 14th and 15th nights appears as 6 O’clock in the evening and remains till dawn. 16th night’s Moon rises at quarter past 7 in the evening; of 17th at 8:30; of 18th at 10; of 19th at 17 and of 20th at 12 O’clock.

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