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How to watch Ascendant's Daily Time in terms of ‘Ghari’ and ‘Pal’ - 1st Approach!

In the following chart, we have mentioned the beginning and ending time of each ascendant. The Sun remains for the entire month remains in the corresponding holistic of and ascendant or Rashi. Later remaining ascendants of the subsequent times password in a set order. The daily decrease in the duration of each ascendant at the time of Sunrise equivalent to the number of days of month runs till the end of month. Suppose the Sun will rise for the whole month in the house of Taurus during Jaith holistic. As per chart of Ascendant an on the first day of Jaith, Taurus ascendant prevails for 3 gharis and 9 pal following the Sunrise. After that there will start of Cancer ascendant to last till 14 ghari and 45 pal. Similarly, all ascendants like Leo, Virgo and Libra will complete their round on their assigned time. The daily decrease in the duration of the course of ascendants takes place house wise such as 7 pal for Aries and Pisces and 9 pal for Aquarius and Leo.

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