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How to watch Ascendant's Daily Time in terms of ‘Ghari’ and ‘Pal’ - 2nd Approach!

In whatever month and on whatever time one must watch the ascendant he should check the length of the day in the given month with the help of the prevalent almanac and how many gharis and pals have passed till the target time. Then, with the help of the following table, namely the daily ascendant timing chart write down the number under that month or holistic followed by addition of the ghari and pal of the required time. Look for the sum in the daily ascendant timing chart. The holistic under and in front that number occurs will be accepted as the ascendant of that time.

Example of watching Ascendant: A person wants to elicit ascendant for 2 o’clock afternoon on Baisakh Sambat 1973 corresponding to 10th April 1916. When length of the day was worked out from the prevalent almanac it shown 32 ghari 30 pal as the length of the day. Since we have to elicit the ascendant for 12 noon the day length will be halved to get 16 ghari and 15 pal which is the fortunate moment of our target time. It will be written down some were separately. Further, let us add 16 ghari and 15 pal of the target time to 3 ghari and 31 pal entered in the lower box of the month of Baisakh facing the tenth day. It will give Sun total of 19 ghari 56 pal. Now look at the daily ascendant timing chart in the holistic of Cancer namely under 11 Sawan and in front of the 17th day in the fourth box there will be the digits of 19 ghari and 56 pal. Thus, it shows that Cancer ascendant is domiciling of which 16 ansh have passed and 12 ansh are remaining. Therefore, we have to put the the planet in respective holistic by observing the horoscope of 9 Baisakh according to the ascendant of Cancer. This will make the horoscope complete.

When the ascendant has been worked out according to the procedure described in the ascendant timing chart a horoscope of 12 houses is to be drawn with the digit representing the ascendant filled up in the first house. The digits 1, 2, 3 and so on will he put in other houses in the given order. Subsequently, let the holistic in which all the nine planets occur be mentioned according to the horoscope of the particular date from the prevalent almanac.

While filling up the horoscope care should be taken that holistic and ascendant are counted from Aries to Pisces because there are no more than twelve holistic The digit resenting ascendant of the target time is entered by the astrologers in the first house of a horoscope while remaining houses are filled with other digits in a series. This constitutes birth horoscope.

Dr. Shanker Adawal,,

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