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How to watch an Ascendant – Example!

Suppose the Sun will rise for the entire month in the holistic of Baisakh. On the first day of Baisakh Aries ascendant is prevailing till 6:58 o’clock as per chart of the daily ascendant. Then there will start Taurus ascendant which will last till 8:34 o’clock. Next is Gemini ascendant and it will remain till 10:33 o’clock. Now we want to confirm till what time Aries ascendant will prevail on the length day of the month of Baisakh. Since the daily decrease of Aries ascendant has been recorded at 3 minute 10 multiplied by 3 will give 31. It suggests that on 10th of Baisakh Aries ascendant comes to an end thinly minutes after the Sunrise. Since Aris ascendant on the first day of Baisakh prevails till 6:58 o’clock by deducting 30 minutes from it we will get 20 minutes. Therefore, the Aries ascendant will last till 6:20 on 10th of Baisakh at the time of Sunrise after which there will start Taurus Ascendant to last till 8:04 O’clock.

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