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House Raashi and Planet Moon!


Description of the House (Raashi) of Moon

If you want to know in which house the Moon will the today, just double the date (tithi) of the required time. If the date falls in the dark portion add 5 to it and add 35 if is falls in the lighter portion and then divide the total by 5 Start dividing the quotient by the house in which the Sun exists. The house where the counting stops will be determined as the house of the Moon. Suppose one wants to know the house of the Moon on the tenth Hangher Shudi Dasmi 1976. As per prescribed rule just double the number described to Dasmi. As it is dark portion, 5 will be added to make a total of 25 which will be divided by 5 and the quotient will he 5. Now, look at the Sun which is in the house of Scorpio. We end up at Piesse. Thus it follows that the Moon will be in the house of pesus Maghar Shudi Dasmi.

How to calculate the time?

This procedure applies to establish ghari and pal for the required time in absence of a proper watch of clock. If one wants to establish ghari and pal of a required time through Sun clock or some other device he should take a straw of about inches' and keep it in an erect position at a Sunny place. Measure its shadow. Add 3 to the number of inches the straw measure and divide 64 by the total. The quotient will show the amount of the day that has passed so far. The product of remaining number multiplied by 3 will give the count of ‘Pal’. If this act of measuring through Sun light is done before Moon it will show the number of gharis passed to far. If it is done afternoon, then that amount of the day should he deemed remaining.

Dr. A. Shanker

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