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Kronch Dweep descriptions and how its important in Hindu Vedic Astrology

Also known as kroncha this fifth island is known as Zuhal in Arabic, kewan in Persian and Sanichar or Shani in Hindi. It is extremely far from the Sun. Due to greater distance from the Sun and, in turn, mild reflection of Sun light makes water bodies quite transparent while the land in the bottom looks reddish. The area of the island is double of Kuch Dweep. It is surrounded by Kshir Sagar (ocean of milk) with a height of 16,000 yojan. Squatting on the mountain amidst the island Goradji pleasantly keeps a watch over all islands. According to Vyas the island has seven divisions and seven mountains such as Bhujan, Urpbarnan, Nand and Nandan, Seven rivers like Vedyacharika, Tirthrati, Basti and Rupvati by drinking whose water people here are bestowed with spiritual virtue. Dwellers of the island worship Yamraj. People here have longer life, greater physical strength and virility.

Dr. A. Shanker

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