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Shaak Dweep and our Ancient Hindu Sanskriti!

Island Shaak is called Maah in Persian and Chandra Lok in Hindi. Half of the ocean existing here is like milk while its the other half resembles the ocean of Salt. It is at a distance of 2,40,000 yojan. Since the soil on this island is white and it is at a greater distance from the Sun than the Earth, water in this ocean becomes chilled like milk.

 When the Moon at its peak of the revolution comes closer to the middle point of the Earth latter’s gravitational force becomes 13 degrees greater than that of the Moon. This gravitational force pulls the Moon towards it.

 In such a condition half the area of When the Moon moves away from its center point the seawater to restores its earlier state. Here shaak tree’s height is 32,00,000 yojan and so is the shadow of its circumference. One who eats a leaf fallen from it gets ride of hunger and thirst. It is surrounded by a sweet water sea.

 Its divisions are known as Devduj under which hermits perform prayers. Some scriptures have described it as existing in an area of 32,00,000 yojan. It is full of Shaak trees and is given this name. Some of the seven mountains said to be on the island are Urbal, Bhadr, Sahsarrup and Devpal. There are also seven rivers. Its dwellers are completely healthy and strong, absent, fast, and live life dominated by pranayam and Yog Marg. There is a sea filled with whey.

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