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How Solar System a heavenly circle!

There are generally two theories about the earth’s axial rotation. One of them maintains that the earth is motionless and fixed. Sun and other heavenly objects revolve around it. In another theory, the Sun is motionless and fixed and the Earth, as well as all planets, revolve around it. The first view holds that within the time period, a planet takes in revolving around the earth eastward its daily revolution becomes complete through the principle of ‘arba-e-mutanasib’ or finding out one unknown quarter from three known quarters. By designating it as a daily average revolution we can establish a middle point of that planet. According to it, the Sun, Mercury and Saturn take one round of the earth in a year and the middle point of all three is assumed to be the same. The other theory believes in the revolution of every planet around the Sun. According to it, the stipulated slow motion and the middle point of Mercury and Saturn are different from that of the farmer. It rules out the revolution of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn between the Sun and the Earth. However, the motion and the middle point as assumed by the followers of this view are not different from the farmer because each of these planets revolves around the Sun and the Earth within the same duration.

Daily Movement of the Earth: It is either the earth or the heaven that performs revolution. However, change of seasons, shortening and lengthening of day and night and movement of planets cannot be denied. If earlier astrologers evolved confused hypotheses by observing movement of planets assuming that the earth is stationary then even according to their calculation the planets are proving to revolve on the pattern assumed by them since time immemorial. Conversely, if another group considers the earth as moving, gives credibility to an imaginary situation and establishes a simple principle of movement of be planets even then their movements seem to the convincing as per hypothesis. The only difference is that if the passengers in a moving train assume it stationary the trees near and far on the sides of railway track will seem to them moving whereas they are in fact stationary in disorderly manner. That is, the trees which are closer will look moving fast and leave behind the ones which are at a distance from them. Similarly, a moving object, say a person or a vehicle while moving in the opposite direction will pass by according to the difference between its actual speed and that of the train. Rather, the person who is moving in the opposite direction to the train will be seen running fast and the person moving in the very direction of the train will be seen moving back fast despite moving ahead while a particular visible part of land will seem to be running. However, in such a situation, the person who thinks that the train is moving assumes that the earth and trees are stationary while any moving objects are moving according to his own speed which is a convincing fact. But one who believes in surface reality is short sighted and the one who sees the inner reality is farsighted. Speculations of the former are subversive to wisdom while those of is this relevant in today’s scenario when science has improved a lot and has given the clarity on planets movements. The latter are based on reality. However, the purpose can be achieved in both the ways. This is only difference between philosopher Ptolemy in whose system the earth is believed to be stationary and philosopher Pythagoras in whose system the earth is supposed to be moving. In the first, movements of planets are unmannerly having both retraction and stability seen on the surface leaved. But in the other system the planets are seen moveing elliptically in a set order. Even a lay man can understand that the laws of nature are quite simple and abiding on all and sanely instead of being disorderly, irrelevant and separate for all members of a species. Therefore, instead of a different state of every planet for every occasion and condition control of all planets under a specific principle and law is more logical. Movement of stars in a fixed manner and those of planets in a disorderly manner, apparent waxing and waning of mercury during their movement is exactly similar to the case of the movement of trees and train. Before mentioning astrological details we have given this analogy here to avoid condemnation by orthodox or modern circles for supporting a particular view. Rather, they should keep in mind that the two approaches have led to the same result.

Dr. A. Shanker

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