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Earth Movement, Celestial house and its nature!

Since the earth, due to  its annual movement, covers one degree in one day on its axis the sun will be seen daily at a distance of one degree as compared to the first day in the house of Cancer till after one month it will be seen vertical to the first degree of the house of Leo. After one year, by changing the celestial houses month by month it will reach the tenth degree of the house of Cancer. It shows that the daily movement of the earth causes the celestial houses to rise within one day and night from the horizon. Astrologers call it fortunate movement or lagan or ascendant.

Forward and Backward Movement of Celestial Houses: In the description of lagan and entrance to the celestial houses the reference to the houses in the context of auspicious movement pertains to eliciting the lagan meaning thereby that which degree of which house is rising in and beginning from the eastern horizon. It means that the celestial houses entering the eastern horizon will the mentioned in the first cell while the second invisible celestial house on the first is mentioned at its left in the second cell. Thus the first invisible celestial houses are mentioned in an orderly manner in the hours cope or Lagan kundli. Then the house in the west at the particular time will he mentioned in the seventh cell. All the remaining celestial houses will be mentioned in their actual order namely from the west to the east. Whichever star is in particular celestial house will be mentioned accordingly. The Lagan kundli or horoscope has a map of the sky pertaining to a particular time.

Study of the Celestial Houses: The heaven also known as the heaven of fixed stars or the heaven of celestial houses is illumined by countless stars. Only almighty God knows its secret. The ancient sages have established 360 degrees of heaven and divided it into 12 parts and each part has been named after the shape formed by the congregation of  stars. A celestial house is neither an apartment  nor a dome or a hillock. It is twelfth part of the heaven by visual measurement. The ancient sages have divided it through their own calculation into 108 degrees or charnas. Four charnas together make one nakshatra or lunar mansion. The nakshatras are 27 in number. Same as four charnas make one nakshatra, nine charnas together make one celestial house. Since 108 charnas divided by 9 will give 12 parts. Modern astrologers divided the entire heaven into twelve parts in which all stars move in a fixed order. They do not stagger to the right or to the left. Theoretically established heavenly parts are 12 in terms of celestial houses. Each celestial houses has 2.25 nakshatras while every nakshatra consists of four charnas. Out of a total 27 nakshatras the first one is Ashni and the 27th or the last one is Revti. Among them, the first celestial house which begins from Ashni nakshtra is named Aries Known to the Indins as Mesh Raashi. The second celestial house is Taurus or Vrshya Raashi. The third is Gemini or Mithun  Raashi; the fourth is Cancer or Kark Raashi; the fifth is the house of Leo or the Singh Raashi; the sixth  is the house of Virgo or Kanya Raashi;  the seventh is the house of Libra or the Tula Raashi; the eighth is the house of Scorpio or Vrikshchak Raashi; the ninth  is the house of Sagittarius or the Dhanu Raashi; the tenth is the house of Copricorn or Makar Raashi; the eleventh is the house of Aquarius or Kumbh Raashi, and the twelfth is the house of Pisces or Meen Rashi which  ends at Revti nakshatra. These stages are described as the stages or flights of the sun and one stage covers from one celestial house to another. The sun always performs its annual movement thorough these stages.

Dr. A. Shanker

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