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Earth Axial Rotation are heavenly made - what are the Devine Principles!

In the summary of Panch (five) siddhanta mentioned with reference to the axial rotation of the earth five principles are prominent. They are Suraj Siddhanta Pulash Siddhanta, Rumak Siddhanta, Vashisht Siddhanta and Pitama Siddhanta. Dara Mehr Acharya who has exhaustive knowledge about this science has expressed correct and clear views on Pulash siddhanta. Rumak Siddhanta evolved by Rumak Rishi is second to it. Suraj Siddhanta evolved by Sariti Rishi is more detailed and reliable than the above two. However, there detailed description of Vashishi Siddhanta and Pitama Siddhanta is not found.

According to theses Siddhantas the earth is composed of five elements namely dust, water, fire, air and sky (aakash). The sky is hanging stably among stars and planets like an iron hall balanced through magnetic force above a cluster of bright stones. The back of the earth is seen covered all around with trees, mountains, human and animal population, rivers and seas including Sumeru mountain, the abode of gods, under which lies, Kumeru the habitat of demos characteristics of kumerumountain:

Sumersu stands for the Northern pole. The pole apposite to it is known as Barnvanal or the South pole. Since Sumeru and kumeru are abodes of gods and demons respectively it shows that the Northern hemisphere is populated by creatures knowns as gods while those in the Southern hemisphere are called damons, asuras or rakshasas, as their manners and

ways are quite contrary to those of gods. The gods, dwellers of the North pole see the demons hanging in verted same as a person standing along a river or water body gazes at his shadow. In turn the dwellers of the South pole namely demons consider them to be ohomukh.

In demons’ world a beam of fire leaps towards the sky and if some heavy object is thrown into the sky it falls on the ground. Similarly, demons are viewed. The beam of fire leaps towards them in the sky and heavy object falls down on the earth. Therefore, none of the parts of earth is above and ender.

In Sameru (North pole) dhurva is seen right over the head. It means that dhurva is neither tilted nor prodded anywhere Rather, it is seen on the equinox and seems to be fixed both up and down in the sky. The solar system tied to the two poles turns to the west under the influence of easterlies. The earth revolves same as the iron ball in the ironsmith’s catapult do. As observed by some sages the solar system does not revolve.

If it is accepted that the earth revolves then the objection arises that birds like eagle that fly in the sky up to far off places connote return to their nests far it the earth revolves to the east birds should not get theirnests in that direction.

These arguments are in fact based on authentic writings of Dara Mehr Acharya. The objection raised on the earth’s axial notation describes that it the earth makes one round in east direction in a day why do flags and standards on roof tops not wave in west direction. It is said that it does not happens because the earth rotates very slowly. Then how the entire earth makes a rotation in one day. This argument shows that fastness of the earth’s axial rotation which is alcove 68, 000 miles per hour should cause the flags to wave in the

west direction. It does not seem to have or connection with direction of wind. The crest of a horse rider’s turlain always will dangle to the back. During a rail journey we keep our hand out of the window holding a kerchief in it. It will flutter in opposite direction irrespective of direction of wind. The objection about fluttering crest and standard in west direction due to earth’s east ward rotation is in no way valid.

Dr. A. Shanker

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