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Description of Pulaksh Dweep and Astrological facts!

It is also known as Paakar Dweep and surrounded by a sea of sweet water. It’s surroundings have plenty of Aksh trees. In scriptures they are described as berelic myrobalam while at others as Banyan. Some scriptures have named this island as Medak or Paakar Dweep. It is called Mirrikh in Arabic, Bahram in Persian and Mangal Lok in Hindi. It’s distance from the Sun is 14000 miles. Being at a greater distance from the Sun and with lesser intensity of heat the water in the sea in quite transparent and the land at the bottom is reddish. Since the reflection of Sun light over the sea is very mild the latter looks all red. Paakar is kachnar tree. At some places gular also is known as Paakar. Perhaps, there is an abundance of this tree on the island. So it got this name. Its height is 2,00,000 yojan and its shadow has a circumference of 2,00,000 yojan. The island has seven sub divisions namely Shiv, Yush, Bhadr, Shanmt, Khem, Amrit and Abhay. The seven revers said to exist here are Olanar, Narmana, Angarkhushi, Savitri, Superbhatikan, Rithambhara and Sitambara. Seven mountains are Manikot, Indersen, Jotishman, Supram, Hartishthi and Megh Mal. Agni constantly exists in it. Sun is worshiped in this island. Its inhabitants are lavishly bestowed with indri prakram and buddhi.

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