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Noteworthy points of the Soli-Lunar Combinations

To the student of Astrology these polarities are especially interesting, for they may be extended very considerably by an understanding of the law upon which they are based which I will now endeavor to explain.

There are three fundamental qualities in nature, known as Inertia, Activity and Harmony (known as Tamas, Rajas and Sattva). These qualities are latent in all things as well as in every human being but in any given individual, one or perhaps two of these qualities will be the most prominent while the others are comparatively inactive, or even in some cases entirely latent according to the growth, desire and environment of the Ego. They give respectively 'stability', 'movement', and 'perfection', according to the development of the Individual. 

In the foregoing combinations, only two of these qualities are treated of, want of space and the complicated nature of the triple expressions preventing their delineation in this work. It has been before pointed out that there are three points of chief significance in any horoscope, viz., the Sun, Moon and Ascendant, their relative importance being respectively. For the reasons just stated, only the soli-lunar combinations (corresponding to the 'pounds' and 'shillings' in the above simile) have been given in the body of this work but students who are sufficiently interested may elaborate the idea according to their ability by adding as the third factor 'pence', the ascendant or Rising Signs, when that has been determined.

Dr. A. Shanker 

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