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It is called Bahram Jallad-e-falak in Persian, Bheem in Sanskrit, and Mangal in Urdu. It is the lord of the fifth heaven and is the first among straight-moving stars. Its height from Mars is 200000 Yojan. It has a diameter of 4189 miles and a circumference of 13,165 miles. Though quite small in volume impact of its sharp light is very terrifying. It’s always seen in heaven like a red hot candle. It is dark red in color. Two moons are seen opposite it with a telescope. It is as speedy as bright. It covers 45,000 miles in one hour. Its distance from the sun is 13200000 miles and from the earth 22700000 miles. It turns on its axis in 24-5 hours. When it assumes straight motion with a crooked gait it is called achaar. It completes the round of the sun and the earth in 6875 days. Like the earth, it also has on its surface mountains and trees. Its average speed is 53000 miles per hour. It means it covers 15 miles in one second. The part of Mars facing the sun is bright. It takes 18 months to cover twelve celestial houses steadily.

Dr. A. Shanker

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