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Moon Speed Fluctuations!

The speed of the moon always fluctuates, which is calculated on the basis of the sun’s speed. The sun and the moon art board of days and night respectively. My are indissoluble linked. Their meeting at one place is called ‘ijtima-e-nayyarain’ or ismaq. The Indians know it as  amaavas. That day, the moon remains invisible due to being overcast by sunrays. When after amavas the moon is at a distance of 12 degrees from the sum it is slightly visible and every day to increase in its distance from the same it assumes more and more light till at a distance of 180 degrees the entire moon is illumined. This state is called purnmashi by the Indians. Then it again performs its movement around the sun. Its light gradually dwindles as it had started increasing earthier its sphere gets blackened due to its closeness to the sun. The moon’s light shows an increase and recession every month. Indian astrologers have named the moon’s light and dark portions Shukl-paksh  and Krishn-paksh. The paksh or phase in which the moon is full bright gives pleasure to the Gods. The phase in which the moon has a darker disposition gives pleasure to demons. That is why the brighter phase in purnmashi 
Shukl-paksh has been ascribed to gods and the Krishn-paksh up to amavas to demons.

Dr. A. Shanker

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