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It is called Teer and Dabir-e-Falak in Persian, Ganson in Sanskrit, and Budh in Urdu. Among the straight-moving stars, it is the second, which is lord of the second heaven. It is designated as the head clerk of the sun and the son of the moon. It is at a height of 200000 Yojans from Venus. It has a diameter of 3150 miles and a circumference of 1,124 miles. It rises and sets along with the sum and always moves forward and backward in the front and hind parts of the sun. It is at a height of 131841268 miles from the earth. In volume, it is shorter than all planets and closer to the sun than all others. Its speed is very fast as it covers 1,000,000 miles in an hour or 35 miles per second. It moves around the sun in 870 days and 23 hours and rotates on its axis in 24 hours and five minutes. It does not make retreats more than three times a year. It completes the round of twelve celestial houses in 360 days.

Dr. A. Shanker

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