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Some students develop inertia during studies, why?

Dullness and want of intellect are indicated by the weakness of the lord of ascendant, his debilitation and his association with malefics. Position of Saturn in the 5th bhava, his aspects on the lord of the ascendant, and the lord of the sign occupied by Saturn falling in combination with malefics all show mental handicap and weakness of intellect. The position of the lord of the 5th bhava in an uncongenial sign and weak Mercury without benefic aspects posited in the 12th bhava show an inactive memory. The position of the lord of the 2nd bhava or of the lord of the 5th bhava in the6th, the 8th or the 12th in association with Mercury and Jupiter points to lack of brains and backwardness.

The childhood and old age of the lord of the 2nd bhava show a slow and feeble mind. For a period of seven days after combustion they are said to be in the state of childhood. Planets are considered to be in their boyhood till they begin their retrograde motion. The period of retrogression is the youthful state. Nearness to combustion is said to be the old age.

Intelligence and educational attainments of a native will be according to the states of the lords of the 2nd and 5th bhavas. The 2nd bhava hemmed in between malefic planets, presence of malefics in the 2nd bhava, evil aspects on the 2nd bhava and its lord, association of the lord of the 2nd bhava with malefics and the 2nd bhava falling in malefic sign point out poor possibilities for high education.

Idiocy and retarded brain are indicated by the Sun and Mandi in the 2nd bhava aspected by all malefic planets.

Mercury and Mars posited in the 12th bhava or Mercury in the12th bhava aspected fully by Mars show low educational possibilities.

When the lord of the 5th bhava in association with malefics is posited in a cruel shashty-amsa with a malefic in the 5th bhava, bovine understanding is indicated. When the lord of the 5th bhava is posited in his debilitation or inimical sign with full aspects of malefics or when he is combust and in a cruel shashtyamsa, infantilism and stupidity will result. Lord of the 5th bhava in combination with malefics and with Saturn posited in the 5th bhava aspecting the lord of the ascendant, gives the same effects.

A weak memory is shown by Saturn, Rahu or Mandi in the 5th bhava without any benefic aspect, while the lord of the 5th bhava is subjected to the full aspects of strong malefics. Occasional forgetfulness is brought about by the lord of the 5th bhava posited in a cruel shashtyamsa in combination with benefics, particularly when Mercury (or Jupiter) has connections of benefic planets.

Intellectual poverty is shown by Venus occupying Aries or Scorpio aspected by Mercury or Gemini or Virgo aspected by Saturn.

Combinations of Mercury and Saturn in the 4th bhava and of Jupiter and Saturn in the 7th bring about imbecility.

When the lord of the 2nd bhava, Jupiter and Mercury fall in the 6th, the 3rd, the 8th or the 12th bhava, when these planets are combust or debilitated and when they are posited in their inimical signs obstructions to education are indicated.

Lord of the 2nd bhava in the 8th or the 12th in association with Jupiter indicates dullness. The Moon with Mercury and Saturn on either side shows lack of educational possibilities.

Lord of the 2nd bhava in combination with the Sun and another malefic falling in the 10th bhava which coincides with his debilitation sign points to the native’s inability to talk before an assembly. The position of Mars with the Sun and the Moon on either sides shows poverty of intellect. Stupidity is indicated when the lord of the 5th bhava is combust or is posited in his inimical or debilitation sign with malefic aspects and a cruel Shashtyama.

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