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Planet Mercury in sign Virgo!

Planet Mercury in Virgo: A Negative House of Mercury: The intellect is active and comprehensive; the native learns readily is fond of science and speculative philosophy, and of study and reading generally, has a good memory, and can turn his/her studies to account in everyday life. He/she is practical and utilitarian; makes a good secretary, clerk, or served in any capacity where intellect or mental affairs generally are of importance; but he/she is apt to study too many subjects and to have too many irons in the fire. He/she has a natural inclination to the occupations and affairs of Virgo and may contract a habit of taking drugs. 

Native may have to travel for health. This position is slightly opposed to public success or much popularity in writings, study, and speaking, though the native may achieve much in these directions in a quiet way, or in a sphere that does not bring him/her forward as a leader or head; the serving influence will always be detected. He/she may write upon or study occult or psychic subjects; or the influence may take the form of his dealing with comparatively unpopular or neglected subjects, and matters that do not bring wide publicity or fame If planet Mercury is afflicted he/she is likely to suffer from bowel complaints.

Dr. A. Shanker

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