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Planet Mercury in Leo

Planet Mercury in Leo - A House of Sun: Native is strong-minded and positive, but kind-hearted, easy going, fun loving and self-indulgent. He/She generally rises to some more or less prominent or responsible position in matters signified by the third and sixth houses, and is capable of directing, managing, or controlling others in these matters.

Native may make money through art, designing or business enterprises, etc., and there will be many short journeys on account of such things. Also, the native will be fond of children, music, singing, poetry or the fine arts. He/she may give up too much of his time to mental pursuits, and so neglect other duties; in such pursuits or occupations, however, he/she will show perseverance and mental concentration. It is not quite so fortunate for Virgo matters as for those of Gemini, and if afflicted trouble may ensue; treachery or slander of servants or employees, or trouble to himself through superiors; tendencies may occur towards drugs, weakness of the heart or bowels.

Dr. A. Shanker

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