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Planet Mercury in sign Libra!

Mercury in Libra - A Positive House of Venus: This combination is favorable for carrying on studies, writing work, reading and educational pursuits in general, also conjunction with any other person; there may or may not be any technical partnership in the matter, but the native, in carrying out these affairs, is sure to associate with some other person, generally by his/her own desire, but sometimes from necessity. 

Native may earn money through some one of the various Virgo occupations, and here the idea of partnership or association will again be forwarded. The marriage will be one of intellectual comradeship, of the mind rather than the emotions. There may be marriage with a cousin or relative, or with one inferior to native in respect of money, or relatively a subordinate. 

There will be harmonious relations with brethren, cousins, nephews and nieces. If afflicted there will be many and great obstacles to the marriage; and happiness in marriage or success in love affairs is very doubtful. The position is favorable for education and intellect, and to some respect for poetry, music, art etc. It strengthens the intuition. It gives love of society and comradeship; fondness for intellectual pleasures and amusements, and for children.

Dr. A. Shanker


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