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Planet Mercury in Scorpio!

Planet Mercury in Scorpio - A Negative House of Mars: Native is positive in his/her opinions, obstinate, and difficult to convince; will be moved to much enthusiasm for any cause he/she espouses, and great indignation or hate by a real or imaginary wrong. He/she can pursue a train of thought with great mental concentration. He/she is lively in nature and active in mind, witty and sarcastic, and will have a great flow of words and command of language (unless Saturn afflicts): he/she has manual dexterity, is ingenious and fertile of resource mentally, and may invent or discover something of great practical utility.

Native is fond of looking beneath the surface for the causes of things, of searching into mysteries, and solving problems. According to his/her station in life he/she may be an alchemist, practical occultist chemist, surgeon, detective, soldier, worker in metals; but mental ingenuity will show in each case. He/she may make a powerful mesmerist; a healer or controlled by the will.

Danger will be met with while travelling, chiefly short journeys by water; and there will be death of a brother, sister, or cousin in close association with native or affecting the native. If afflicted, the temper will be very uncertain.

Dr. A. Shanker

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