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The mind is just, generous, and sincere; the native inclines to some earnest kind of religion, even if unorthodox, and has an aptitude for medicine, science and literature. The native is very active mentally, and perhaps also physically, but very changeable. He/she will study more than one subject at once, or carry on more than one occupation at once, and will quickly pass from one subject to another. As a writer, his/her inclination is to deal with religion, philosophy or science, and to write books (or pamphlets, for he/she is an enthusiastic propagandist as a rule) rather than short articles or ephemeral literature. 

Native seldom deals with simple and popular subjects, and either eyes style or the subjects dealt with will seldom be simple and straightforward, but either involved or lacking in clearness. He/she can take a good education, solid rather than superficial or brilliant, and his mental abilities do not show to good advantage during youth or early life. He/she may write or publish in partnership, or be helped or instigated in some way to write. He/she is fond of walking, travelling, or riding; there is likely to be illness while travelling, or native may travel for health. He/she is attracted to drugs, medicine, foods, and may follow some occupation connected with Virgo. There will be some trouble connected with education, writings, brothers and sisters, and short journeys; there is a likelihood of many journeys.

Dr. A. Shanker

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