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Planet Mercury in sign Capricorn!

Planet Mercury in Capricorn - A Negative House of Saturn: The native will gain prominence, and perhaps fame, through some occupation ruled by Gemini and Virgo. Native will be cautious, diplomatic, subtle and profound, native's whole nature seldom or never seen on the surface. He/she can influence other people through the mind. There is always a serious side of character, and with a fair education, he/she will incline to serious and profound studies, or to mysticism of some kind.

If afflicted or unbalanced by good, there will be bad temper, secrecy, cunning, and want of candour, or duplicity. This position is favorable for winning honours and prizes at school, or by force of character. The native will be cleverer or better educated than his/her brothers and sisters, and makes something of a show in all matters governed by Mercury, is ambious in these things, and keeps an eye on his/her own advancement. May hold a Government post, or occupy an important position as manager or agent under the authority of another. The occupation will necessitate many short journeys.

Dr. A. Shanker

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