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Planet Venus Impact in Sign Capricorn!

Venus in Capricorn - A Negative House of Saturn

This collaboration contributes to popularity, and the favor of elders, superiors, employers, masters and those in the higher ranks of life. It helps to lift the native up in some position of responsibility and profit. It brings many friends or acquaintances, social and general popularity. The position is rather good for business, commerce, investments, banking, stocks and shares.

The native gains through these and through enterprises that are public rather than private, through such things as bring him before the many rather than the few, and through occupations that place him over others to direct or control.

Native gains through the earthy element, either directly or indirectly; this is a favorable position for a dealer in precious stones, for instance. Marriage is delayed through reasons arising out of age, money, occupation or parents. The marriage partner is likely to be older than the native and may be wealthier or of higher position; though sometimes this may be reversed. The native is strongly attached to one parent, probably the father and benefits more through that parent.

Dr. A. Shanker

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